Vanessa Hudgens

In both her first two films Thirteen and Thunderbirds she appeared alongside Brady Corbet.
Her parents name are Greg and Gina Hudgens
She got her first gig when her friend couldn't go to an audition for a commercial and asked if Vanessa could go.
Her father is Caucasian and her mother is Filipina.
She sings, acts, and dances
She's a fan of the late Natalie Wood
Her musical theater roles include leads in: Evita, Carousel, The Wizard of Oz, The King & I, The Music Man, Cinderella, and Damn Yankees plus more.
Her ethnicity is Filipino, Chinese, Latina, Irish and American Indian
Her height is 5'4"
Favourite school subject is science
Favourite time of day is night
Favourite time of the year is summer
favourite colour is red
Only eats whole wheat cerials
Wants to go sky-diving before she dies
Loves chocolate
She doesn't like carrots
Is best friends with Ashley Tisdale
Vanessa will be part of the "High School Musical" tour.
Favourite food is chocolate and sushi
Favourite T.V Shows are: Family Guy, South Park, Degrassi, It's a Notio
Is friends with Matthew Underwood
Is good friends with Zac Efron
Is good friends with Corbin Blu
Is good friends with Alexa Nikolas
Has sleepovers with Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale
Favorite TV Shows are Family Guy, South Park, Degrassi, and It's a Notion.
Has secretly been hoping that there will be a scene in High School Musical 2 where Troy and Gabriella kiss
Her debut CD will be named "V"
She loves the song "Take your Mama" by Scissor Sisters
She admits that when she was younger she looked like "Amber McIntyre"
Vanessa's younger sister Stella Hudgens is 10 years old
Has 3 earring holes in each ear
Her new music video "Say OK" will feature co-star and friend Zac Efron
Has sleepovers with co-star and best friend Ashley Tisdale, also with Miley Cyrus
Vanessa's trade mark is her long dark hair.
Says that out of the whole High School Musical cast, she is closest to Ashley Tisdale