Eddie Izzard

played Grandpa Munster in Mockingbird Lane

Grandpa Munster ("Call me 'D') is an old-school European vampire and mad scientist on the side. He is perfectly comfortable with his monstrous nature and doesn't understand why his son-in-law and grandson are sometimes uncomfortable with what they are. Still, he tries to blend in as best he can even if he isn't sure why he has to bother. And he does love his son-in-law Herman, for his daughter Lily's sake if nothing else, and does what he can to keep Herman's heart going.
played Wolfe in Powers

A Power turned bad, Wolfe's powers have taken a terrible toll on his sanity. Until recently he was imprisoned in The Shaft and lobotomies were regularly administered to keep him from planning an escape. His body constantly healed the damage, requiring more lobotomies. In his youth, Wolfe traveled from Europe and a young Christian Walker. The two still share a bond... whether Christian wants it or not.

Wolfe has heightened strength, speed, stamina, healing, and the ability to detect electrical impulses. The more human flesh that Wolfe consumes, the more powerful he becomes. The eating of Powers boosts his powers even further. Despite that, a repowered Christian was able to defeat Wolfe after Wolfe had consumed one Power.

Wolfe's powers seem to erode his sanity, making him a sociopath. When he loses them under the Drainer, he feels remorse for the murders that he has committed.