Jeff Bridges

He is the son of Lloyd Bridges.
He is the younger brother of Beau Bridges.
Like his older brother Beau Bridges, he likes to play the guitar.
He was in the United States Coast Guard.
His older brother, Gary (b. 1947), died of sudden infant death syndrome.
He is the uncle of Casey Bridges, Jordan Bridges, Dylan Bridges, Emily Bridges and Ezekial Bridges.
He met his wife, Susan Geston, in 1975 while filming Rancho Deluxe. She was working as a maid on a dude ranch. They married on June 5, 1977 and have three daughters, Isabelle (b. 1981), Jessica (b. 1983) and Hayley (b. 1987).
The film, "The Big Lebowski", in which he appeared was released on March 6, 1998, only four days before the death of his father Lloyd Bridges.
He is well known for his liberal political views.
He incorporates his drawings at his website, notable because it is almost completely hand-written and drawn art.
Although he and his father Lloyd Bridges appeared in six different productions together, they never played father and son.
At the age of 17, he was addicted to marijuana. His parents contacted a group called Developing Adolescents Without Narcotics, which put Bridges through an "intervention" to kick his habit.