Hillary Rodham Clinton

Graduate of Wellesley College. Received a law degree from Yale University.
Partner in the Rose Law Firm located in Little Rock, AR from 1979 until 1992.
Daughter of Hugh and Dorothy Rodham. Has two brothers: Hugh, Jr. and Anthony.
Currently resides with her 89 year old mother, Dorothy Rodham, in a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC.
Father, Hugh Rodham, was a staunch Republican and Hillary was a Goldwater Girl in the presidential election of 1964. She became a Democrat during her college years.
Claimed to be a lifelong New York Yankees fan when running for the Senate in 2000 but earlier, during her years as First Lady, she stated that she had always rooted for the Chicago Cubs.
One of her roommates during her collegiate years at Wellesley was the mother of future NBA superstar Grant Hill.
One of her professors at Yale was future Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork.
Recently broke her elbow which forced her to curtail her duties as Secretary of State.