Christopher Walken

Walken worked as a lion tamer in a circus at age 15.
Christopher is credited for more than 100 plays
Has a condition called "heterochromia" where both of eyes aren't the same color. His right eye is blue and his left eye is hazel
Only Oscar-winning actor to portray a primary 007 villain
He has a phobia of going too fast in cars.
Has an intense dislike of handguns.
Was on Natalie Wood's yacht the night she drowned
Won an MTV Video Music Award for choreographing his own moves in Fatboy Slim's "Weapon Of Choice".
Walken received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame [October 8, 2004].
Jerry Lewis influenced Walken to make show business his career. At age 10, he met Lewis on "The Colgate Comedy Hour", where Lewis & Martin were guest hosts. Walken was an extra on the show and was in a skit with Lewis.
Christopher Walken turned down the role of Jack (the father) in "Meet the Parents".
Walken's Trademark: Always tries to work a dance into his movies.
Christopher is a hilarious comedian and six time host of Saturday Night Live.
Christopher Walken was a contender for the part of Han Solo in Star Wars, which is why there was a skit on Saturday Night Live involving Walken and Star Wars, with Cris Kattan as Princess Leia.
Birthname: Ronald Walken
Walken turned down the role of Dave Kujan in "The Usual Suspects".
Christopher Walken met his wife Georgianne Walken, while touring with West Side Story.