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TVRage is in no way connected or affiliated to any of the following websites

Official Site
Title: Propaganda
Desc: Official U2 magazine site. No other place is it but this.
Title: U2 360 Tour Official Website
Desc: Official website for the U2 360 tour.
Title: U2 360 Tour Twitter
Desc: U2's official Twitter link for their 360 Tour.
Title: U2 on Interscope Records
Desc: This is Interscope Records' page for U2.
Title: U2's Facebook Page
Desc: The official Facebook page for U2.
Title: U2's MySpace
Desc: The band's official MySpace site.
Title: U2.com
Desc: This is U2's official website. You can get all of the updates and news you need to know of the band plus exclusive merchandise.

Title: @U2
Desc: One of the most sophisticated U2 fan site out there.
Title: Interference.com
Desc: A place talking about the little things you may not usually hear about the band. A lot of the member are involved.
Title: MacPhisto.net
Desc: What would the U2 world be without mentioning one of Bono's "personalities"? Here's a place to get more info.
Title: TheLarryMullenBand.com
Desc: Taken from the band's original name, here is a fan forum for you.
Title: Three Cords and the Truth
Desc: Another U2 fan site for your pleasure.
Title: U2 Achtung (French)
Desc: This is another fan site, but in French for all you fans who speak the language.
Title: U2 Exit
Desc: Here's another U2 devoted site that's actually worth looking at along with the rest. A good feature--blogs just about everything with them.
Title: U2 Gigs
Desc: A site where you can find out where U2 is going to perform next.
Title: U2 Log
Desc: This is a U2 unofficial web based log. It's even got some cool links that you might not find anywhere else.
Title: U2 Neophobia
Desc: This site is also in another language but I'm not sure, looks kind of like French, anyway, another blog but gives out more info.
Title: U2 Place (Italian)
Desc: This site goes to all you Italian fans! All of site is in the language.
Title: U2 Sermons
Desc: Not exactly a site but definately could be. This is a blog that is all in and around U2. They talk about a lot of things of them and encourage you to "get up off of your knees and preach the U2 catalog".
Title: U2 Source
Desc: Not a big of a site but definately has stuff worth looking at.
Title: U2 Station
Desc: A great fan site filled with lots of news and links to just about anything related to U2.
Title: U2 Tour (German)
Desc: This lets you in on the band's current Vertigo tour for all you German fans out there.
Title: U2 Wanderer
Desc: Here is a place to get all the info on the band's music.
Title: U2Miracle.com (Spanish)
Desc: A spanish language site for U2 fans.
Title: U2Star.com
Desc: Another fan site for U2's music.