Adam on the writing process: "Nowadays, Edge tends to do his homework and discipline some chord sequences. Then, as a group, we find an interpretation, a unique way they fit together."
Adam: "'Walk On' was two songs that both had great chords but weren't great songs. We sewed them together."
Edge on performing under influences: "We'd been told that all bands are out of it on stage and so we tried that once in about 1977. And it was such an unmitigated disaster that we vowed at that point that we'd never do it again."
Bono: "I think that in U2, there are moods or feelings that no one else has done before. And I think that finally, that is the most important thing, which is to find something that's your own color, and unique."
Edge on the album, Zooropa: "It's a record I really love, because it does have a certain spontaneity, a certain sense of ideas left in their raw form."
Adam: "For us there`s U2 music, and then there's everything else."
Bono: "Right now there is so much fear about the future, people losing their jobs, people getting angry... but Get On Your Boots opens with the line 'The future needs a big kiss' and I hope that our optimism as a band is the right tone for now, it is a defiant tone..."