John Malkovich

John starred in the BBC TV 10-minute long documentary on NYC's Chrysler Building. He also provided his personal film essay for the short.
John appeared in the TV commercial for Eurostar (France) in 2001.
John appeared in the TV commercial for Les cahiers du Cinéma (France) in 2000.
John directed the English play Hysteria in it's first American production, at the Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago in December, 1999.
In 2004, John and his family set up a second home in Boston, Massachusetts.
John and his family reside in France.
John Malkovich: I'm not prone to talk much about what I do. But then I never have been. I mean, I don't think hookers rush home from work and say, "Honey! I had the most incredible hand-job today!"
John Malkovich: I don't think I ever - even to this day - made a conscious decision about acting.
John Malkovich: I was born in the West after World War II in a senselessly wealthy country, and I never really had to struggle. Sure, there were years when I didn't have a refrigerator or stove, but that's nothing compared to Rwanda.
John Malkovich: Film is about what appears to be. You can't fake theater, but you can fake anything in movies. You can fake chemistry between people. You can fake sex, love, explosions, special effects, horror...
John Malkovich: (On why he doesn't like doing research for the characters he plays) I don't like all of the crap associated with it. If I wanted to run wind sprints, I'd be a sprinter. Or if I wanted to lift weights, I'd be a weight lifter.
John Malkovich: I've always felt that if you can't make money as an actor, you`re either incredibly stupid or tragically unlucky.
John Malkovich: I wasn't really raised to be the type of person to have doubts.
John Malkovich: I'm not terribly articulate in many ways and particularly when it comes to what I do. And, at the risk of sounding like Holden Caulfield, I don't know if I would talk about it even if I could.
John Malkovich: I want to be successful. I would like it to be a success with something that doesn't make me want to vomit all over the screening room after I've seen it.
John Malkovich: (Discussing the film Being John Malkovich (1999) When I first looked at the script, the title seemed like a one-line joke, but it turned out to be a 100-page joke.
John attended college with Joan Allen who was occasionally a scene partner of Malkovich's in their acting classes. Later attended another acting class years with John Mahoney. He encouraged both actors to join the Steppenwolf Theater Company.
John won a second Village Voice Obie this time for Direction for Balm in Gilead in 1985.
John won a Village Voice Obie for his performance in True West in 1984.
John's favorite films include: The Battle of Algiers, The 400 Blows, Citizen Kane, The Conformist, This is Spinal Tap, High Noon and It's a Wonderful Life.
In 1976, John quit college in order to work at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater
John is a big fan of singer Tom Waits and (oddly enough) rap artist Dr. Dre.
John has developed a great passion for Portugal, where he has filmed some movies recently. He also keeps a house here, as he co-owns a disco in Lisbon.
John's first film experience was a job as an extra in Robert Altman's 1978 feature A Wedding (1978
John and Nicoletta have two children together. Daughter Amandine born in 1990, and son Lowry born in 1992.
John has been married twice. First to Glenne Headly from 1982 -1888, and to his current wife Nicoletta Peyran since 1989.
John briefly dated Michelle Pfeiffer in the late 80s.
John's parents ran and owned local newspaper in Benton, IL - his hometown.
John is of Croatian heritage.
John was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#70) in 1995.
John was educated at both Eastern Illinois University, and Illinois State University.
The costume John wore in the Annie Lennox video, "Walking On Broken Glass" was borrowed from the set of Dangerous Liaisons (1988).
John was listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1984" in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 36.
John is 6' 2" (1.88 m) tall.
John starred in Of Mice and Men (1992) with best friend Gary Sinise.