Bill Kristol

Mostly Credited As: Bill Kristol
Sometimes Credited As: William Kristol

Birth Name: Bill Kristol
Date Of Birth: December 23, 1952 (Age 63)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: New York City, New York

Bill Kristol

Former Chief of Staff for Vice-President Dan Quayle who later extablished himself as a highly visible conservative political pundit on television. Currrently works a day job as editor-in-chief of The Weeklsy Standard, a conservative magazine.

TV Appearances

Episode Cast Credits 

Real Time With Bill Maher (2003) 
  Jane Mayer; Bill Kristol, Monica Mehta, Sam Stein & Maria Konnikova 14x09: (Mar/11/2016) As Himself 
  Christopher Leonard, Bruce Dern, Austan Goolsbee, Margaret Hoover, Bill Kristol 12x07: (Feb/28/2014) As Himself 

This Week with George Stephanopoulos (1981) 
  Ted Cruz, Peter King, Adam Smith, Matt Bai, Donna Brazile, Jonathan Karl, Bill Kristol, Nate Silver, Sally Jewell 33x36: (Sep/07/2014) As Himself 

FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace (1996) 
  Season 19, Episode 3 19x03: (Sep/15/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 50 18x50: (Aug/11/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 49 18x49: (Aug/04/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 47 18x47: (Jul/21/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 46 18x46: (Jul/14/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 43 18x43: (Jun/23/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 41 18x41: (Jun/09/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Mike Rogers, Adam Smith, Mark Sanford 18x37: (May/12/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 35 18x35: (Apr/28/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 34 18x34: (Apr/21/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 31 18x31: (Mar/31/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 29 18x29: (Mar/17/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 27 18x27: (Mar/03/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 26 18x26: (Feb/24/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 24 18x24: (Feb/10/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 21 18x21: (Jan/20/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 19 18x19: (Jan/06/2013) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 18 18x18: (Dec/30/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 17 18x17: (Dec/23/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 16 18x16: (Dec/16/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 15 18x15: (Dec/09/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 14 18x14: (Dec/02/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 13 18x13: (Nov/25/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 12 18x12: (Nov/18/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 11 18x11: (Nov/11/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 8 18x08: (Oct/21/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 5 18x05: (Sep/30/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 4 18x04: (Sep/23/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 3 18x03: (Sep/16/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 18, Episode 1 18x01: (Sep/02/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 17, Episode 51 17x51: (Aug/19/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Season 17, Episode 50 17x50: (Aug/12/2012) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Tom DeLay 11x05: (Oct/02/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John Cornyn, David Vitter, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player 11x04: (Sep/25/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Thad Allen, Mary Landrieu, David Vitter 11x02: (Sep/11/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Michael Chartoff 11x01: (Sep/04/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Byron Dorgan, Mitch McConnell 10x52: (Aug/28/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John McCain, Zalmay Khalilzad 10x50: (Aug/14/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Joe biden, Richard Lugar, Rafael Palmeiro, 10x49: (Aug/07/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Eileen Collins, Charlie Camarda, Chris Dodd, Mitch McConnell 10x48: (Jul/31/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Arlen Specter, Mary Landrieu, Karl Rove, Jane Harman 10x46: (Jul/17/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Fran Townsend, Chris Dodd, Pat Roberts 10x45: (Jul/10/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Donald Rumsfeld 10x43: (Jun/26/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Condoleezza Rice, George Mitchell, Newt Gingrich 10x42: (Jun/19/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Duncan Hunter, Tom Malinowski, David McCullough 10x41: (Jun/12/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Richard Myers, Chris Dodd, John Bolton 10x39: (May/29/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Stephen Hadley, Dick Durbin, Mitch McConnell 10x37: (May/15/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Allen, Chuck Schumer 10x36: (May/08/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Andrew Card, Pat Leahy, 10x35: (May/01/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Lindsey Graham, Richard Durbin, Tony Perkins 10x34: (Apr/24/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Steny Hoyer, Roy Blunt, Richard Lugar, Joseph Biden 10x33: (Apr/17/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John Cornyn, Charles Schumer, Ibrahim al-Jaafari 10x32: (Apr/10/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Mitch McConnell, Bill Richardson, Newt Gingrich 10x30: (Mar/27/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Donald Rumsfeld, Mel Martinez 10x29: (Mar/20/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Mark Malloch Brown, Kofi Annan, Newt Gingrich 10x28: (Mar/13/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John McCain, Ray Flynn, Cardnial Francis Eugene George, Greg Burke 10x26: (Feb/27/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Dick Cheney 10x23: (Feb/06/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Condoleezza RIce, Shepard Smith 10x22: (Jan/30/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John Negroponte, Lindsey Graham, Dianne Feinstein 10x21: (Jan/23/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), Rick Durbin (D-Ill.), Dan Bartlett 10x20: (Jan/16/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich 10x19: (Jan/09/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Anthony Williams, John Snow 10x16: (Dec/19/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Joe Corzine (D-N.J.), John Breaux (D-La.) 10x15: (Dec/12/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John McCain (R-Ariz.), Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) 10x14: (Dec/05/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Jane Harman (D-Cal.), Pat Roberts (R-Kan), Robert Reich, William Bennett 10x12: (Nov/21/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Bill Frist, Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) 10x11: (Nov/14/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Karl Rove, Dennis Hastert 10x10: (Nov/07/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Karen Hughes, Bob Shrum, Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.), Ed Rendell (D-Pa.) 10x09: (Oct/31/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Dan Bartlett, Tad Devine, Jon Corzine (D-N.J.), George Allen (R-Va.) 10x08: (Oct/24/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Joe Lockhart, Marc Racicot, L. Kenneth Blackwell, Stephen Zack 10x07: (Oct/17/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Condoleeza Rice; John Edwards 10x06: (Oct/10/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Dan Bartlett, Tad Devine, Jennifer Granholm (D-Mich.), Bill Owens (R-Colo.) 10x05: (Oct/03/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Colin Powell, William Weld, Garry Mauro 10x04: (Sep/26/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John McCain (R-Ariz.), Tim Pawlenty (R-Minn.), Ed Rendell (D-Pa.) 10x03: (Sep/19/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Rudy Giulisni, Richard Gephardt, Tad Devine, Matt Dowd 10x01: (Sep/05/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Van O'Dell 09x51: (Aug/22/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), Mary Matalin, Donna Brazile 09x50: (Aug/15/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Jane Harman (D-Cal), Fran Townsend, Allen Sinai, 09x49: (Aug/08/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John Kerry, John Edwards, Newt Gingrich 09x48: (Aug/01/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Gov. Bill Richardson (D-N.M.), Gov. Ed Rendell (D-Pa.), Chris Heinz 09x47: (Jul/25/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John McLaughlin 09x46: (Jul/18/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  L. Paul Bremer, Ed Goeas, Celinda Lake 09x44: (Jul/04/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Condoleezza Rice, Steven Hayes 09x43: (Jun/27/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Bill Frist, John Podestra, David Dreier 09x42: (Jun/20/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) 09x40: (Jun/06/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), Bob Dole, George McGovern 09x39: (May/30/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Colin Powell, Carl Levin 09x37: (May/16/2004) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  R. Nicholas Burns, Wendy Sherman, Peter Hoekstra, James Woolsey 11x45: (Jul/09/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Carl Levin, John Warner, Pete King, Arlen Specter, Michael Gerson 11x43: (Jun/25/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Carl Levin, John Warner, Pete King, Arlen Specter, Michael Gerson 11x42: (Jun/18/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Condoleezza Rice, Jack Reed, Lindsey Graham 11x40: (Jun/04/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Bill Frist, Richard J. Durbin, Alfred Lanier 11x39: (May/28/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Condoleezza Rice, John McCain 11x38: (May/21/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Laura Bush, Mary Cheney, Art Buchwald 11x37: (May/14/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Josh Bolten, Tony Snow 11x35: (Apr/30/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Jane Harman, Peter Hoekstra, Josh Bolten, Leon Panetta, Ken Duberstein, Gilbert Arenas 11x34: (Apr/23/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Christopher Dodd, Micth McConnell, Newt Gingrich, Mark W. Everson 11x33: (Apr/16/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Condoleezza Rice, Carl Levin 11x30: (Mar/26/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Chris Dodd, Duncan Hunter, Mike Pence, Placido Domingo 11x28: (Mar/12/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Peter Pace, Michael Brown, David Johnson 11x27: (Mar/05/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Fran Townsend, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Joe Gibbs 11x26: (Feb/26/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Evan Bayh, Lindsey Graham, Alan Simpson, Paul Tetreault 11x25: (Feb/19/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  George Allen, Joseph Lowery, Ron Christie, Dr. John Grant 11x24: (Feb/12/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Michael Hayden, John Boehner 11x23: (Feb/05/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Howard Dean, John Thune, Mike Pence 11x22: (Jan/29/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John McCain, Dick Durbin, Gary Williams 11x21: (Jan/22/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Charles Schumer, Lindsay Graham, Roy Blunt, John Boehner, John Shadegg 11x20: (Jan/15/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Dianne Feinstein, Lindsay Graham, Jane Harman 11x19: (Jan/08/2006) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Peter Pace, Wynton Marsalis, David Vitter 11x17: (Dec/25/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Condoleezza Rice, Harry Reid, Steve Case 11x16: (Dec/18/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Barbara Boxer, Stephen Hadley, Douglas Owsley 11x14: (Dec/04/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Donald Rumsfeld, Joseph Biden 11x12: (Nov/20/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Jay Rockefeller, Pat Roberts, Bill Richardson, Mike Huckabee 11x11: (Nov/13/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  John McCain, Charles Schumer, Mike Wallace, John Berry 11x10: (Nov/06/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Patrick Leahy, Sam Brownback 11x08: (Oct/23/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Condoleezza Rice, Richard Durbin 11x07: (Oct/16/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]
  Lindsey Graham, Nathan Hecht, Gary Bauer, Raymond Kelly, Dr. Steve Rosenberg 11x06: (Oct/09/2005) As Himself (panelist), [Featuring]

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (1996) 
  Bill Kristol 16x86: (Jun/30/2011) As Himself, [Interviewees]
  Bill Kristol 14x100: (Jul/27/2009) As Himself, [Interviewees]
  Bill Kristol 13x141: (Oct/30/2008) As Himself (as Bill Kristol), [Interviewees]
  Barack Obama 13x140: (Oct/29/2008) As Himself, [Interviewees]
  Bill Kristol 13x22: (Feb/12/2008) As Himself, [Interviewees]
  Bill Kristol, Dr. Mony J. De Leon 12x104: (Aug/13/2007) As Himself, [Interviewees]
  Bill Kristol 11x160: (Dec/19/2006) As Himself, [Interviewees]
  Bill Kristol 10x133: (Oct/24/2005) As Himself, [Interviewees]
  Bill Kristol 09x142: (Nov/04/2004) As Himself, [Interviewees]
  Bill Kristol 09x67: (May/13/2004) As Himself, [Interviewees]
  Bill Kristol 08x68: (May/27/2003) As Himself, [Interviewees]

The Colbert Report (2005) 
  Bill Kristol 02x55: (Apr/27/2006) As Himself 

The O'Reilly Factor (1996) 
  What's Holding Back the Dems? 10x188: (Oct/14/2005) As Himself 

Firing Line (1966) 
  The End of Firing Line: Part II 34x37: (Dec/15/1999) As Himself 
  The End of Firing Line: Part I 34x36: (Dec/14/1999) As Himself 
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College roommate was future conservative commentator Alan Keyes.

Received graduate and undergraduate degrees from Harvard.

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