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Agam Darshi

  played Kate Freelander [Season 2, episode 3 onward, recurring previously)] in Sanctuary (US)

Living life on her own she quickly realized she had a talent for dealing in abnormal-related goods/life-forms/technology and selling them to the highest bidder. Though she is loyal to her insatiable profit margin first and and foremost, Kate possesses a soul that isn't entirely consumed with greed. She has morals and empathy (deeply guarded and hidden as they are). In fact she'll be damned if she'll let people see her softer side. Think of her as Han Solo before he fell for Princess Leia. Life's all about money to her. She's a smuggler, a thief, a con artist, a swindler, yes. But her secret is that she's also desperately in need of a home, a sense of belonging. She's tired of just getting by, of not mattering to anyone. Of living by her wits. But trust is not an emotion Kate embraces easily. It'll take time, but she can and will embrace her inner hero. Until then, she's loyal to only to herself and her desire to fatten her bank account.

Kate is a skilled fighter, good with weapons, and has a gift for persuasion. As she's been trading on her knowledge of the abnormal world for many years now, she is rarely fazed by the many strange and terrible creatures that populate the abnormal world. To her, they're just product to be bought and sold on the open market. Only once she becomes part of the Sanctuary Project does Kate begin to see the depth and beauty of abnormals. From there, her transformation from thief to hero will have begun.