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Shannen Doherty

played Prudence 'Prue' Halliwell [Season 1-3] in Charmed

Prue was the oldest sister, before her untimely death at the end of Season 3.Prudence Halliwell was born on October 28, 1970 in San Francisco, California. She is the first born child of Patty Halliwell, a witch, and Victor Bennett, a human. As a witch, Prue developed the magical power of telekinesis, which allowed her to move things with her mind. After two of her three sisters had been born, their grandmother Penny bound their powers to keep Nicholas from killing them and taking their powers. The memory of having had powers was erased by their grandmother.

In high school, Prue was a very popular A-list student, president of the Student Council and a cheerleader. At some point, she also became rebellious,] but it did not stop her from learning how to be responsible and protective of her family. Prue longed to be a professional photographer when she was young, perhaps as a psychic echo of her past life in the 1920s as one of Penny's aunts.At age 21, she got into a car accident and blamed herself for hurting Phoebe, who was hospitalized after the incident.

When they went to college, Piper and Prue moved into an apartment together in North Beach. Prue took up History and was a serious student but still became popular in college, as she dated the captain of the football team (who later trains to be a demonized human), Tom. She graduated with honors from Gold State University. The two girls stayed in North Beach until 1997 when Penny became ill and they moved back in with Grams and Phoebe at the manor.Prue became engaged to her boss Roger and she asked Piper to be her maid of honor. Roger kept coming on to Phoebe secretly, then claiming Phoebe was after him so Prue dumped him. About this time, Penny took a picture of the three of them together in front of the manor.Penny planned to use a potion to bind the girls' powers forever against Patty's wishes, but Penny died before she could do it
played Alexandra Hudson in North Shore

Alexandra came to the series midway through and was deviant from the beginning. We discover that Walter Booth is her real father. After a turn of events, she steals control of the Hotel from Vincent and does everything to keep power under her control. She threatens to fir and hire to make sure nobody undermines her authority as owner of the Grand Waimai.