Yogi Berra

Both caught and was in attendance for 2 of the 11 perfect games ever pitched in baseball history.
Held the record for the most World Series games played in (75) as of 2006.
Selected to baseball Hall of Fame in 1972.
His number 8 was retired by the Yankees in 1972. (Also for Bill Dickey the same day)
Named to the American League All-Star team fifteen consecutive years (1948-1962).
Yogi Berra Stadium is located in West Paterson, New Jersey.
Received his nickname 'Yogi' from a boyhood friend who saw him squatting, with his arms folded across his chest like a mystical yogi.
Best friend growing up was future sportscaster Joe Garagiola.
Managed both the New York Yankees and New York Mets to pennants.
Son Dale Berra played shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Son Tim Berra played WR in the NFL for the Baltimore Colts.
Actress Connie Stevens had a crush on Berra when she was a teenager.