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Andrew Dice Clay

Is an enormous Elvis fan. In fact, much of his stage persona is based on his.
"Won" the Golden Raspberry Award for "Worst Actor in a Leading Role" for the 1990 20 Century-Fox picture "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane."
His stand-up concert documentary film "Dice Rules" was filmed around a show where he sold out Madison Square Gardens two nights in a row.
Is a Jerry Lewis fan. His "Diceman" persona was inspired by Lewis' "Buddy Love" character from "The Nutty Professor."
Was a heavy smoker, but eventually gave it up.
Was banned from MTV for performing such a lewd on-stage act. The ban was eventually lifted.
Known for his stand-up act which features him as a macho and especially sleazy jerk calling himself "the Diceman." He dons a studded-leather jacket with his name on it and puffs a cigarette throughout his show.
Is probably the highest-grossing stand-up comic act in Las Vegas history.
He is the only comedian in history to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row.
In 2005, Clay signed a deal with Sirius to produce and broadcast his own show, Out of the Cage.
He also sings (usually in-between comic segments of his stand-up act).