Patrick Swayze

Patrick did the advertisement for Orange text messages in 2004 in the UK.
Patrick appeared in music video "Reign" by Ja Rule.
Patrick was a dancer in the music video of "Rosanna" (1982) by Toto.
Patrick's duet with Wendy Fraser, "She's Like the Wind," reached #3 on the U.S. charts in February of 1988.
Patrick once did a TV commercial for Burger King in the 1990's.
Patrick Swayze: Good-looking people turn me off. Myself included.
Patrick shares a birthday with Edward Norton, Robert Redford, Denis Leary and Malcolm-Jamal Warner.
Patrick was called "King of the Sleeper" for a brief period, after the unexpected success of Dirty Dancing and Ghost.
Patrick attended the same high school as WWE wrestler Mark Callaway aka "The Undertaker."
Patrick attended F.M. Black Middle School and S.P. Waltrip High School in Houston.
Patrick was offered $6,000,000 to reprise his role of Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing but turned it down.
Patrick studied acting at The Beverly Hills Playhouse with Milton Katselas.
Patrick's father Jesse Swayze died of complications from alcoholism in 1982.
Patrick was chosen as People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 1991.
Patrick began his career as a dancer appearing in Disney On Parade as Prince Charming.
Patrick met his wife Lisa when she was 15, and a dance student of his mother's.
Patrick is a recovering alcoholic.
Patrick broke his leg when he fell off ahorse while filming Letters From A Killer.
Patrick has been married to Lisa Niemi since 1975.
Patrick's mother was choreographer Patsy Swayze.
Patrick was a close friend of Chris Farley.
In January 2004, Patrick played the silver-tongued lawyer "Billy Flynn" in the broadway musical Chicago.
Patrick is a former Roman Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist and Scientologist.
Patrick owns a five-acre spead called Rancho Bizarro.
Patrick is 5'10" tall.
Before shoting "North and South" miniseries, Patrick invited his co-star James Read to his horse ranch and tought him how to ride a horse back.