Jack Riley

Mostly Credited As: Jack Riley
Sometimes Credited As: Jack B. Riley

Birth Name: John Riley
Date Of Birth: December 30, 1935 (Age 80)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio

Jack Riley

TV Appearances

Main cast 
All Grown Up (2001)As: Stu Pickles -- [Voice]
Rugrats (1991)As: Stuart “Stu” Pickles -- [Voice]
Roxie (1987)As: Leon Buchanan
Episode Cast Credits 

All Grown Up (2001) 
  Rats Race 03x07: (Jun/21/2005) Voiced  Executive 

Yes, Dear (2000) 
  High School Reunion 05x04: (Mar/09/2005) As Mr. Shipley 

That '70s Show (1998) 
  Rip This Joint 07x06: (Nov/03/2004) As Old Man Shinsky 

Rugrats (1991) 
  Club Fred 09x15: (Sep/09/2003) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Baby Sale / Steve 09x14: (Feb/26/2003) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Murmur On The Ornery Express (Feb/15/2003) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Clown Around / The Baby Rewards 09x13: (Jan/28/2003) Voiced  Stu Pickles | Clown 
  Back To School / Sweet Dreams 09x12: (Jan/13/2003) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  A Step At A Time / Angelica's Assistant 09x11: (Jan/10/2003) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Babies In Toyland 09x10: (Dec/09/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Perfect Twins 09x09: (Nov/30/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Bestest Of Show / Hold The Pickles 09x07: (Nov/16/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Curse of the Werewuff 08x26: (Oct/28/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Fountain Of Youth / Kimi Takes The Cake 09x06: (Oct/05/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  They Came From The Backyard / Lil's Phil of Trash 09x05: (Oct/05/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Diapies And Dragons / Baby Power 09x04: (Oct/05/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Starstruck / Who's Taffy? 09x03: (Sep/28/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Bug Off / The Crawl Space 09x02: (Sep/21/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  A Tale Of Two Puppies / Okey-Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeams 08x25: (Jun/01/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Cynthia Comes Alive / Trading Phil 08x24: (Apr/06/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Bow Wow Wedding Vows 08x23: (Mar/25/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Daddy's Little Helpers / Hello Dilly 08x22: (Mar/09/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Fun Way Day/The Age Of Aquarium 08x21: (Feb/23/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Quiet, Please / Early Retirement 08x27: (Feb/09/2002) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  All Growed Up 08x17: (Jul/21/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Adventure Squad/The Way More Things Work/Talk Of The Town 08x16: (Apr/27/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Bad Shoes / The World According To Dil & Spike / Wash-Dry Story 08x15: (Apr/20/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Dil Saver / Cooking With Phil & Lil / Piece of Cake 08x14: (Apr/13/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Day Of The Potty/Tell-Tale Cell Phone/The Time Of Their Lives 08x12: (Mar/13/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  And the Winner Is... / Dil's Bathtime / Bigger Than Life 08x11: (Mar/09/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Cat Got Your Tongue? / The War Room / Attention Please 08x10: (Feb/16/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Dayscare / The Great Unknown / Falling Stars 08x09: (Feb/09/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Changes for Chuckie / The Magic Show / A Lulu Of A Time 08x08: (Feb/02/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Sister Act / Spike's Nightscare / Cuddle Bunny 08x07: (Jan/26/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Angelicon / Dil's Binkie / Big Brother Chuckie 08x05: (Jan/15/2001) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts 08x03: (Nov/07/2000) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  A Dose Of Dil / Famous Babies 07x11: (May/13/2000) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Discover America 08x02: (Mar/29/2000) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Chuckie's New Shirt / Cavebabies 07x10: (Feb/30/2000) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Be My Valentine 08x01: (Feb/11/2000) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Incredible Shrinking Babies / Miss Manners 07x09: (Jan/29/2000) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Accidents Happen / Pee Wee Scouts 07x08: (Dec/18/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Big Showdown / Doctor Susie 07x07: (Nov/20/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Partners In Crime / Thumb's Up 07x06: (Nov/06/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Officer Chuckie / Auctioning Grandpa 07x05: (Oct/16/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Planting Dil / The Joke's On You 07x04: (Oct/16/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Brothers Are Monsters / Cooking With Susie 07x03: (Oct/09/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Share And Share A Spike / Tommy For Mayor 07x02: (Oct/02/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Whats Your Line? / Two By Two 06x17: (Apr/17/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  All's Well That Pretends Well / Big Babies 06x16: (Apr/14/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Chuckie's Bachelor Pad / Junior Prom 06x15: (Apr/10/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Silent Angelica / Tie My Shoes 06x14: (Apr/07/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Jungle / The Old Country 06x12: (Mar/20/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Magic Baby / Dil We Meet Again 06x08: (Jan/15/1999) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Man Of The House / A Whole New Stu 06x04: (Dec/12/1998) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Raising Dil / No Naps 06x03: (Dec/06/1998) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Chuckerfly / Angelica's Twin 06x02: (Nov/23/1998) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Chuckie's Duckling / A Dog's Life 06x01: (Nov/18/1998) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Family Tree 05x12: (Sep/21/1998) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Uneasy Rider / Where's Grandpa? 05x10: (Aug/29/1998) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Wild Wild West / Angelica For A Day 05x09: (Aug/17/1998) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The First Cut / Chuckie Grows 05x08: (Aug/16/1998) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Babysitting Fluffy / Sleep Trouble 05x06: (Aug/15/1998) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  He Saw, She Saw / Piggy's Pizza Palace 05x05: (Dec/27/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Crime And Punishment / Baby Maybe 05x03: (Dec/13/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Hiccups / Autumn Leaves 05x02: (Dec/06/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Grandpa's Bad Bug / Lady Luck 05x01: (Nov/29/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Angelica Nose Best / Pirate Light 04x17: (Nov/22/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Angelica Orders Out / Let It Snow 04x16: (Nov/15/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Ransom Of Cynthia / Turtle Recall 04x15: (Nov/08/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles | Announcer 
  The Matress / Looking For Jack 04x14: (Nov/01/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Turkey Who Came To Dinner 04x13: (Oct/21/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Send In The Clouds / In The Naval 04x12: (Oct/18/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Potty Training Spike / The Art Fair 04x11: (Oct/11/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Dust Bunnies / Educating Angelica 04x09: (Sep/27/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  The Carwash / Heatwave 04x07: (Sep/13/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  America's Wackiest Home Movies / The 'Lympics 04x06: (Sep/06/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Radio Daze / Psycho Angelica 04x05: (Aug/30/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Spike's Babies / Chicken Pops 04x04: (Aug/23/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Mother's Day 04x02: (May/09/1997) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Chanukah 04x01: (Dec/06/1996) Voiced  Stu Pickles 
  Give And Take / The Gold Rush 03x10: (Nov/28/1993) Voiced  Stu Pickles | Boppo | Clown 
  Grandpa Moves Out / The Legend Of Satchmo 03x04: (Oct/17/1993) Voiced  Stu Pickles | Old Man 
  Visitors From Outer Space / The Case Of The Missing Rugrat 02x15: (Dec/13/1992) Voiced  Stu Pickles | Stuvon 
  Superhero Chuckie / The Dog Broomer 02x11: (Nov/15/1992) Voiced  Stu Pickles | Audience Member 
  No Bones About It / Beach Blanket Babies 02x09: (Nov/01/1992) Voiced  Stu Pickles | Driver #2 
  Let There Be Light / The Bank Trick 02x07: (Oct/18/1992) Voiced  Crowd Member | Clerk, [Featuring]

Son of the Beach (2000) 
  Bad News, Mr. Johnson (3) 03x14: (Oct/01/2002) As Chappy 
  Jailhouse Notch (2) 03x13: (Sep/24/2002) As Chappy 
  Taco Lips Now (1) 03x12: (Sep/17/2002) As Chappy 
  Hamm Stroker's Suck My Blood 03x08: (Aug/06/2002) As Chappy 
  Witness for the Prostitution 03x05: (Jul/16/2002) As Chappy 
  Booger Nights 02x15: (Jul/17/2001) As Chappy 
  Mario Putzo's... The Last Dong 01x13: (Sep/12/2000) As Chappy 
  Miso Honei 01x08: (Aug/08/2000) As Chappy, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Fanny and the Professor 01x06: (Apr/18/2000) As Chappy 
  In the G-Hetto 01x03: (Mar/28/2000) As Chappy 

Oh Grow Up (1999) 
  Himbo 01x08: (Dec/07/1999) As Harry Tathum 

Working (1997) 
  Armageddon Outta Here 02x03: (Oct/27/1998) As Chaplain 

Mike Hammer, Private Eye (1997) 
  A New Leaf (1) 01x25: (Jun/07/1998) As Puff Puff the bunny 

Touched by an Angel (1994) 
  Sandcastles 04x07: (Nov/02/1997) As Leo 

Seinfeld (1989) 
  The Muffin Tops 08x21: (May/08/1997) As Rider, [Co-Guest Stars]

The Drew Carey Show (1995) 
  What the Zoning Inspector Saw 02x07: (Nov/13/1996) As Mr. Jones 

Coach (1997) (1989) 
  Just Short of the Goal 09x02: (Oct/05/1996) As Oliver 

Dave's World (1993) 
  You Can't Always Get What You Want 02x05: (Oct/10/1994) As Guy 

Married ... with Children (1987) 
  Business Sucks (1) 09x05: (Oct/02/1994) As Wendell 

Family Matters (1989) 
  The Way the Ball Bounces 04x14: (Jan/22/1993) As Wayne 

Civil Wars (1991) 
  Das Boat House 02x07: (Nov/11/1992) As Jack Cort 

Night Court (1984) 
  Clip Show (2) 06x13: (Jan/25/1989) As Beepo 
  Clip Show (1) 06x12: (Jan/25/1989) As Beepo 
  Dan's Operation (2) 04x06: (Nov/13/1986) As Dr. Flick 
  Dan's Operation (1) 04x05: (Nov/06/1986) As Dr. Flick 
  The Blizzard 02x10: (Dec/06/1984) As Warren Wilson 
  Wonder Drugs 01x09: (Mar/07/1984) As Emil Dutton 

Newhart (1982) 
  I Married Dick 07x04: (Nov/21/1988) As Patient 

Charles in Charge (1984) 
  Trading Papers 03x14: (May/21/1988) As Professor Kleeman 

Punky Brewster (1984) 
  Brandon's Commercial 04x05: (May/03/1988) As Darryl Snipes 

Throb (1986) 
  Last Night At the Firehouse - Part 1 02x07: (Oct/31/1987) As Flashback Johnny 

ALF (1986) 
  Going Out of My Head Over You 01x20: (Mar/16/1987) As Mr. Carlin 

Blacke's Magic (1986) 
  It's a Jungle Out There 01x12: (Apr/02/1986) As Unknown 

St. Elsewhere (1982) 
  Close Encounters 04x07: (Nov/20/1985) As Eliot Carlin 

Diff'rent Strokes (1978) 
  Blue Collar Drummond 07x22: (Mar/09/1985) As Pete 
  Beauty is in the Eye of Arnold 07x21: (Mar/02/1985) As Pete 
  The Girls School (aka Garrett's Girls) 01x24: (May/04/1979) As Mr. Crocker 
  The New Landlord 01x16: (Feb/16/1979) As Charles Sutton 
  Goodbye Dolly 01x06: (Dec/08/1978) As Miles Monroe 

The ABC Afterschool Special (1972) 
  First the Egg 13x06: (Mar/06/1985) As Mr. White, [Starring Roles]

Riptide (US) (1984) 
  Curse Of The Mary Aberdeen 02x14: (Jan/29/1985) As Tiny Tommy 

The Love Boat (1977) 
  Only The Good Die Young/ Honey Beats The Odds/Light Of Another Day 08x05: (Oct/13/1984) As Agent 

Faerie Tale Theatre (1982) 
  The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers 03x07: (Sep/17/1984) As Sexton 

Family Ties (1982) 
  Have Gun, Will Unravel 01x10: (Dec/08/1982) As Earl 

Simon & Simon (1981) 
  Ashes to Ashes, and None Too Soon 01x08: (Jan/16/1982) As Dr. Robert P. Medlow 

Fantasy Island (1977) (1978) 
  Druids/A Night in the Harem 05x06: (Nov/14/1981) As Marcus 

Ladies' Man (1980) 
  Women Need Not Apply 01x13: (Feb/07/1981) As Dunlap 

Eight is Enough (1977) 
  Bradfordgate 05x09: (Jan/07/1981) As Joe Roth 

Hart to Hart (1979) 
  'Tis the Season To Be Murdered 02x05: (Dec/16/1980) As Norman Culp 

Barney Miller (1975) 
  The Counterfeiter 05x19: (Feb/08/1979) As Lavelle 
  Fear of Flying 02x17: (Jan/29/1976) As Frederick Clooney 

The Bob Newhart Show (1972) (1972) 
  My Son the Comedian 06x07: (Nov/12/1977) As Elliot Carlin 
  My Business is Shrinking 03x20: (Feb/01/1975) As Elliot Carlin 
  Think Smartly--Vote Hartley 03x17: (Jan/11/1975) As Elliot Carlin 
  Home is Where the Hurt Is 03x15: (Dec/21/1974) As Elliot Carlin 
  Jerry Robinson Crusoe 03x13: (Dec/07/1974) As Elliot Carlin 
  Brutally Yours, Bob Hartley 03x08: (Nov/02/1974) As Elliot Carlin 
  Dr. Ryan's Express 03x07: (Oct/26/1974) As Elliot Carlin 
  The Battle of the Groups 03x02: (Sep/21/1974) As Elliot Carlin 
  The Jobless Corps 02x18: (Jan/19/1974) As Elliot Carlin 
  T. S. Elliot 02x14: (Dec/15/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  Mutiny on the Hartley 02x09: (Nov/10/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  Emily in for Carol 02x05: (Oct/13/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  Somebody Down Here Likes Me 02x04: (Oct/06/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  Last TV Show 02x01: (Sep/15/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  Bum Voyage 01x23: (Mar/03/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  Emily, I'm Home... Emily? 01x21: (Feb/17/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  A Home is Not Necessarily a House 01x20: (Feb/10/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  The Crash of 29 Years Old 01x16: (Jan/13/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  Let's Get Away From it Almost 01x15: (Jan/06/1973) As Elliot Carlin 
  I Want to Be Alone 01x11: (Dec/02/1972) As Elliot Carlin 
  P-I-L-O-T 01x09: (Nov/18/1972) As Elliot Carlin 
  Fly the Unfriendly Skies 01x01: (Sep/16/1972) As Elliot Carlin 

The Rockford Files (1974) (1974) 
  There's One in Every Port 03x12: (Jan/07/1977) As Adrian Lyman 

Alice (1976) (1976) 
  A Call to Arms 01x05: (Oct/20/1976) As Richard Atkins 

Harry O (1974) 
  The Madonna Legacy 02x13: (Dec/11/1975) As Barney Hamilton 
  Silent Kill 01x18: (Feb/06/1975) As Eddie Stern 

Happy Days (1974) 
  The Deadly Dares 01x06: (Feb/19/1974) As O'Reilly 

Kung Fu (1972) 
  The Gunman 02x12: (Jan/03/1974) As Jed Royal 

Columbo (1971) 
  Candidate for Crime 03x03: (Nov/04/1973) As Director 

Cannon (1971) 
  Catch Me If You Can 02x22: (Mar/07/1973) As Programmer 

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970) 
  Rhoda Morgenstern: Minneapolis to New York 03x14: (Dec/16/1972) As Barry Barlow 
  Didn't You Used to Be ... Wait ... Don't Tell Me 02x07: (Oct/30/1971) As Eldon Colfax 

M*A*S*H (1972) 
  Chief Surgeon Who? 01x04: (Oct/08/1972) As Captain Kaplan 

Getting Together (1971) 
  Breaking Up is Hard to Do 01x13: (Jan/01/1972) As Mel 

Hogan's Heroes (1965) 
  The Big Record 06x09: (Nov/15/1970) As SS Man 
  At Last-Schultz Knows Something 05x14: (Dec/26/1969) As Guard 
  Operation Hannibal 04x17: (Jan/18/1969) As Captain Gruber 

The Partridge Family (1970) 
  See Here, Private Partridge 01x04: (Oct/16/1970) As Corporal Wrzesinkski 

Bracken's World (1969) 
  Whatever Happened to Happy Endings? 01x20: (Feb/13/1970) As Mr. Jeffrey, [Featuring]

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1968) 
  Episode #47 03x07: (Oct/27/1969) As Himself 
  Episode #4 01x04: (Feb/12/1968) As Himself 

I Dream of Jeannie (1965) 
  Abdullah 04x04: (Oct/14/1968) As Frank 

The Flying Nun (1967) 
  Ah Love, Could You and I Conspire 01x09: (Oct/26/1967) As Leo 

Occasional Wife (1966) 
  The Rivalry 01x03: (Sep/27/1966) As Wally Flick 

A Fine Romance (1989) (1989) 
  Th-Th-That's All, Folks! 01x12: (Unaired) As Ray Raguilto 
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