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Don Weis

Mostly Credited As: Don Weis
Sometimes Credited As: Don Weiss

Date Of Birth: May 13, 1922 (Age 78)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date Of Death: July 25, 2000
Cause Of Death: natural causes

Don Weis

TV Appearances

Episode Cast Credits 

The Jack Benny Program (1950) 
  Jack Goes to the Doctor 09x06: (Nov/30/1958) As Director 
Crew Credits

Show Crew

Episode Crew

Freddy's Nightmares (1988) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Memory Overload 02x05 Nov/05/1989 As: Director
Murphy's Law (US) (1988) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Where's There's a Will, There's a Won't 01x09 Feb/11/1989 As: Director
Two Wrongs are Only the Beginning 01x07 Jan/28/1989 As: Director
If You Can't Win, Shoot for a Tie 01x03 Dec/10/1988 As: Director
Buck James (1987) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Heal Thyself 01x18 Apr/28/1988 As: Director
The Bottom Line 01x13 Mar/17/1988 As: Director
The Last Ride 01x08 Dec/13/1987 As: Director
Absalom, Absalom 01x04 Nov/01/1987 As: Director
Simon & Simon (1981) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Baja, Humbug 07x10 Feb/18/1988 As: Director
Hill Street Blues (1981) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
A Pound of Flesh 07x21 May/05/1987 As: Director
City of Refuse 07x13 Jan/20/1987 As: Director
Amazing Grace 07x07 Nov/27/1986 As: Director
I Come on My Knees 07x05 Nov/06/1986 As: Director
The Wizard (1986) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Never Give Up 01x14 Jan/20/1987 As: Director
MacGyver (1985) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Slow Death 01x19 Apr/02/1986 As: Director
Remington Steele (1982) (Credited in 17 episodes from this show) 
Sensitive Steele 04x16 Mar/01/1986 As: Director
Steele Blue Yonder 04x15 Feb/22/1986 As: Director
Steele, Inc. 04x11 Jan/14/1986 As: Director
Corn Fed Steele 04x06 Nov/19/1985 As: Director
Grappling Steele 04x04 Oct/29/1985 As: Director
Diced Steele 03x17 Feb/12/1985 As: Director
Breath of Steele 03x10 Dec/11/1984 As: Director
Puzzled Steele 03x08 Nov/27/1984 As: Director
Second Base Steele 03x04 Oct/23/1984 As: Director
Steele at It 03x01 Sep/25/1984 As: Director
Hounded Steele 02x20 May/15/1984 As: Director
Dreams of Steele 02x18 Mar/20/1984 As: Director
Steele Sweet on You 02x14 Feb/07/1984 As: Director
Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws 02x08 Nov/29/1983 As: Director
A Steele at Any Price 02x05 Nov/01/1983 As: Director
Steele in Circulation 01x22 Apr/12/1983 As: Director
Steele Crazy After All These Years 01x16 Feb/18/1983 As: Director
Crazy Like A Fox (1984) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Murder Is a Two Stroke Penalty 02x04 Oct/27/1985 As: Director
Eye to Eye (1985) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Suicide 01x03 Apr/04/1985 As: Director
Cover Up (1984) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Ugliest American 01x18 Mar/02/1985 As: Director
Partners In Crime (1984) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Fashioned for Murder 01x10 Dec/08/1984 As: Director
The Love Boat (1977) (Credited in 6 episodes from this show) 
Only The Good Die Young/ Honey Beats The Odds/Light Of Another Day 08x05 Oct/13/1984 As: Director
Anut Emma I Love You/First Romance/Hoopla 07x17 Jan/21/1984 As: Director
Long Time No See/The Bear Essence/Kisses and Makeup 07x09 Nov/12/1983 As: Director
Rhino Of The Year/One Last Time/For Love or Money 07x05 Oct/22/1983 As: Director
The Audition/The Groupies/Doc's Nephew 06x06 Nov/06/1982 As: Director
Identical Problem/Julie's Old Flame/The Jinx 01x07 Nov/05/1977 As: Director
Fantasy Island (1977) (1978) (Credited in 22 episodes from this show) 
Surrogate Mother/The Ideal Woman 07x22 May/19/1984 As: Director
Dark Secret/The Outrageous Mr. Smith 07x15 Mar/03/1984 As: Director
Ladies Choice/Skin Deep 07x13 Jan/28/1984 As: Director
Games People Play/The Sweet Life 07x11 Jan/14/1984 As: Director
Forbidden Love/The Other Man - Mr. Roarke 07x01 Oct/08/1983 As: Director
What's the Matter with Kids?/Island of Horrors 06x20 Apr/16/1983 As: Director
Eternal Flame/A Date With Burt 06x16 Mar/05/1983 As: Director
Return to the Cotton Club/No Friends Like Old Friends 06x15 Feb/26/1983 As: Director
Naughty Marietta/The Winning Ticket 06x09 Jan/08/1983 As: Director
The Kleptomaniac/Thank God, I'm a Country Girl 06x08 Dec/11/1982 As: Director
Roller Derby Dolls/Thanks a Million 06x07 Dec/04/1982 As: Director
Sitting Duck/Sweet Suzi Swann 05x18 Mar/06/1982 As: Director
The Case Against Mr. Roarke/Save Sherlock Holmes 05x15 Feb/06/1982 As: Director
Daddy's Little Girl/The Whistle 05x14 Jan/30/1982 As: Director
Romance Times Three/Night of the Tormented Soul 05x09 Dec/05/1981 As: Director
Lillian Russell/The Lagoon 05x08 Nov/28/1981 As: Director
Druids/A Night in the Harem 05x06 Nov/14/1981 As: Director
Paquito's Birthday/Technical Advisor 04x24 May/23/1981 As: Director
Hard Knocks/Lady Godiva 04x22 May/09/1981 As: Director
The Invisible Woman/The Snow Bird 04x07 Dec/06/1980 As: Director
Lady of the Evening/The Racer 01x05 Feb/25/1978 As: Director
Escape/Cinderella Girls 01x01 Jan/28/1978 As: Director
Lottery! (1983) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Boston -- False Illusion 01x11 Dec/09/1983 As: Director
Cagney & Lacey (1982) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Burn Out 02x17 Mar/07/1983 As: Director
Matt Houston (1982) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Good Doctor 01x11 Dec/12/1982 As: Director
Bring 'Em Back Alive (1982) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Reel World of Frank Buck 01x04 Oct/12/1982 As: Director
T.J. Hooker (1982) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Second Chance 02x01 Sep/25/1982 As: Director
Flamingo Road (1981) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
The High and the Mighty 02x18 Mar/30/1982 As: Director
Sins of the Fathers 02x16 Mar/16/1982 As: Director
The Titus Tapes 01x04 Jan/20/1981 As: Director
Code Red (1981) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
My Life Is Yours 01x11 Jan/17/1982 As: Director
Framed by Fire 01x08 Dec/13/1981 As: Director
The Six O'Clock Follies (1980) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
The Surprise Party 01x06 Sep/13/1980 As: Director
Rumors of Peace 01x04 Unknown As: Director
CHiPs (1977) (Credited in 9 episodes from this show) 
Nightingale 03x23 Mar/23/1980 As: Director
The Strippers 03x21 Feb/16/1980 As: Director
The Watch Commander 03x11 Nov/17/1979 As: Director
Drive, Lady, Drive (2) 03x10 Nov/10/1979 As: Director
Drive, Lady, Drive (1) 03x09 Nov/10/1979 As: Director
Roller Disco (2) 03x02 Sep/22/1979 As: Director
Roller Disco (1) 03x01 Sep/22/1979 As: Director
The Greatest Adventures of CHiPs 02x23 May/12/1979 As: Director
Bio-Rhythms 02x19 Feb/17/1979 As: Director
Hawaii Five-O (1968) (1968) (Credited in 12 episodes from this show) 
The Flight of the Jewels 12x16 Mar/01/1980 As: Director
School for Assassins 12x13 Jan/01/1980 As: Director
The Year of the Horse (2) 11x22 Apr/05/1979 As: Director
The Year of the Horse (1) 11x21 Apr/05/1979 As: Director
The Execution File 11x18 Mar/01/1979 As: Director
The Bark and the Bite 11x16 Feb/08/1979 As: Director
Number One with a Bullet (2) 11x13 Jan/04/1979 As: Director
Number One with a Bullet (1) 11x12 Dec/28/1978 As: Director
A Death in the Family 10x24 May/04/1978 As: Director
A Short Walk on the Longshore 10x14 Feb/02/1978 As: Director
The Friends of Joey Kalima 10x04 Oct/13/1977 As: Director
Up the Rebels 10x01 Sep/15/1977 As: Director
Delta House (1979) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Shortest Yard 01x02 Jan/27/1979 As: Director
Charlie's Angels (1976) (1976) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Angels on Vacation 03x14 Jan/10/1979 As: Director
M*A*S*H (1972) (Credited in 16 episodes from this show) 
Tea and Empathy 06x17 Jan/17/1978 As: Director
The M*A*S*H Olympics 06x10 Nov/22/1977 As: Director
Change Day 06x08 Nov/08/1977 As: Director
Last Laugh 06x03 Oct/04/1977 As: Director
Big Mac 03x21 Feb/25/1975 As: Director
Check-Up 03x07 Oct/22/1974 As: Director
Springtime 03x06 Oct/15/1974 As: Director
Iron Guts Kelly 03x04 Oct/01/1974 As: Director
Crisis 02x21 Feb/09/1974 As: Director
For Want of a Boot 02x17 Jan/12/1974 As: Director
Henry in Love 02x16 Jan/05/1974 As: Director
Dear Dad... Three 02x09 Nov/10/1973 As: Director
The Trial of Henry Blake 02x08 Nov/03/1973 As: Director
Major Fred C. Dobbs 01x22 Mar/11/1973 As: Director
Sticky Wicket 01x21 Mar/04/1973 As: Director
Cowboy 01x08 Nov/12/1972 As: Director
The San Pedro Beach Bums (1977) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Shortest Yard 01x02 Sep/26/1977 As: Director
Starsky & Hutch (1975) (Credited in 7 episodes from this show) 
The Psychic 02x15 Jan/15/1977 As: Director
Iron Mike (a.k.a. Captain Mike Ferguson) 02x12 Dec/18/1976 As: Director
The Bounty Hunter 01x22 Apr/21/1976 As: Director
Running 01x20 Feb/25/1976 As: Director
The Omaha Tiger 01x18 Jan/28/1976 As: Director
Losing Streak 01x16 Jan/14/1976 As: Director
Lady Blue 01x10 Nov/12/1975 As: Director
Spencer's Pilots (1976) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Crop Duster 01x04 Oct/08/1976 As: Director
Baretta (1975) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Ninja 03x01 Sep/22/1976 As: Director
Petrocelli (1974) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Six Strings of Guilt 02x18 Feb/25/1976 As: Director
Matt Helm (1975) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Panic (aka Prognosis — Murder) 01x12 Dec/27/1975 As: Director
Bronk (1975) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Line of Fire 01x08 Nov/09/1975 As: Director
S.W.A.T. (1975) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Courthouse 02x08 Nov/01/1975 As: Director
Barbary Coast (1975) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Crazy Cats 01x02 Sep/15/1975 As: Director
Funny Money 01x01 Sep/08/1975 As: Director
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Demon in Lace 01x16 Feb/07/1975 As: Director
The Trevi Collection 01x14 Jan/24/1975 As: Director
Firefall 01x06 Nov/08/1974 As: Director
The Vampire 01x04 Oct/04/1974 As: Director
Mannix (1967) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Chance Meeting 08x15 Jan/19/1975 As: Director
Ironside (1967) (Credited in 57 episodes from this show) 
The Return of Eleanor Rogers 08x15 Jan/02/1975 As: Director
The Visiting Fireman 08x14 Dec/26/1974 As: Director
Speak No Evil 08x12 Dec/12/1974 As: Director
Cross Doublecross 08x05 Oct/10/1974 As: Director
Riddle at 24,000 07x23 Mar/14/1974 As: Director
Come Eleven, Come Twelve 07x22 Mar/07/1974 As: Director
The Hidden Man 07x11 Nov/29/1973 As: Director
Downhill All the Way 07x08 Nov/08/1973 As: Director
House of Terror 07x06 Oct/25/1973 As: Director
Fragile is the House of Cards 07x04 Oct/04/1973 As: Director
Confessions: From a Lady of the Night 07x01 Sep/13/1973 As: Director
A Game of Showdown 06x24 Mar/22/1973 As: Director
Love Me in December 06x18 Feb/01/1973 As: Director
The Caller 06x17 Jan/25/1973 As: Director
Ollinger's Last Case 06x15 Jan/04/1973 As: Director
Cold Hard Cash 06x13 Dec/14/1972 As: Director
The Deadly Gamesmen 06x11 Nov/30/1972 As: Director
The Countdown 06x10 Nov/23/1972 As: Director
Buddy, Can You Spare a Life? 06x08 Nov/16/1972 As: Director
Down Two Roads 06x04 Oct/12/1972 As: Director
The Savage Sentry 06x02 Sep/21/1972 As: Director
Death by the Numbers 05x21 Jan/27/1972 As: Director
Unreasonable Facsimile 05x18 Jan/06/1972 As: Director
License to Kill 05x14 Dec/02/1971 As: Director
Dear Fran... 05x10 Nov/09/1971 As: Director
Murder Impromptu 05x09 Nov/02/1971 As: Director
Ring of Prayer 05x06 Oct/12/1971 As: Director
The Gambling Game 05x04 Oct/05/1971 As: Director
The Professionals 05x03 Sep/28/1971 As: Director
Contract: Kill Ironside 05x02 Sep/21/1971 As: Director
Grandmother's House 04x25 Apr/01/1971 As: Director
The Summer Soldier 04x22 Mar/04/1971 As: Director
Love, Peace Brotherhood, and Murder 04x20 Feb/18/1971 As: Director
The Target 04x17 Jan/28/1971 As: Director
The Quincunx 04x15 Jan/07/1971 As: Director
Noel's Gonna Fly 04x05 Oct/15/1970 As: Director
The Happy Dreams of Hollow Men 04x03 Oct/01/1970 As: Director
A Killing Will Occur 04x01 Sep/17/1970 As: Director
Little Dog, Gone 03x24 Apr/02/1970 As: Director
Little Jerry Jessup 03x22 Mar/12/1970 As: Director
Warrior's Return 03x21 Mar/05/1970 As: Director
Return to Fiji 03x18 Feb/12/1970 As: Director
Beware the Wiles of a Stranger 03x15 Jan/22/1970 As: Director
Five Miles High 03x10 Nov/27/1969 As: Director
The Machismo Bag 03x08 Nov/13/1969 As: Director
Love My Enemy 03x06 Oct/23/1969 As: Director
Alias Mr. Braithwaite 03x01 Sep/18/1969 As: Director
The Tormentor 02x23 Mar/27/1969 As: Director
Moonlight Means Money 02x20 Feb/27/1969 As: Director
The Prophecy 02x17 Feb/06/1969 As: Director
Up, Down and Even 02x14 Jan/09/1969 As: Director
The Fourteenth Runner 01x15 Dec/28/1967 As: Director
The Past is Prologue 01x13 Dec/07/1967 As: Director
The Monster of Comus Towers 01x10 Nov/16/1967 As: Director
Let My Brother Go 01x08 Nov/02/1967 As: Director
The Taker 01x05 Oct/12/1967 As: Writer
Dead Man's Tale 01x03 Sep/28/1967 As: Director
Planet of the Apes (1974) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
The Good Seeds 01x04 Oct/04/1974 As: Director
Escape From Tomorrow 01x01 Sep/13/1974 As: Director
Happy Days (1974) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
In the Name of Love 01x12 Apr/09/1974 As: Director
Firehouse (1974) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Burst of Flame 01x01 Jan/17/1974 As: Director
The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1969) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
My Son, The Artist 03x01 Sep/15/1971 As: Director
When the Shoe Is on the Other Foot, It Doesn't Fit 02x10 Nov/25/1970 As: Director
Who Wants to Sail Down the Amazon, Anyway? 02x09 Nov/18/1970 As: Director
The Immortal (1970) (1970) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Paradise Bay 01x11 Dec/10/1970 As: Director
Man on a Punched Card 01x06 Oct/29/1970 As: Director
It Takes a Thief (1968) (1968) (Credited in 13 episodes from this show) 
The Artist is for Framing 02x14 Jan/21/1969 As: Director
A Case of Red Turnips 02x09 Nov/26/1968 As: Director
Hans Across the Border (2) 02x08 Nov/19/1968 As: Director
Hans Across the Border (1) 02x07 Nov/12/1968 As: Director
The Bill is in Committee 02x03 Oct/08/1968 As: Director
A Sour Note 02x02 Oct/01/1968 As: Director
One Night on Soledade 02x01 Sep/24/1968 As: Director
The Lay of the Land 01x16 Apr/30/1968 As: Director
Turnabout 01x12 Apr/02/1968 As: Director
Birds of a Feather 01x10 Mar/19/1968 As: Director
When Thieves Fall In 01x07 Feb/27/1968 As: Director
A Very Warm Reception 01x04 Feb/06/1968 As: Director
When Boy Meets Girl 01x03 Jan/30/1968 As: Director
The Danny Thomas Hour (1967) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
One for My Baby 01x20 Feb/05/1968 As: Director
The Virginian (1962) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Captive 05x03 Sep/28/1966 As: Director
Batman (1966) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
The Cat and the Fiddle (2) 02x04 Sep/15/1966 As: Director
Hot Off the Griddle (1) 02x03 Sep/14/1966 As: Director
Batman Is Riled (2) 01x06 Jan/27/1966 As: Director
The Joker Is Wild (1) 01x05 Jan/26/1966 As: Director
Vacation Playhouse (1963) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Off We Go 04x08 Sep/05/1966 As: Director
The Patty Duke Show (1963) (Credited in 9 episodes from this show) 
Patty, the Chatterbox 02x36 May/19/1965 As: Director
My Cousin, the Heroine 02x35 May/12/1965 As: Director
Patty, the Folk Singer 02x32 Apr/21/1965 As: Director
Patty, the Practical Joker 02x27 Mar/17/1965 As: Director
It Takes a Heap of Livin' 02x24 Feb/24/1965 As: Director
Patty and the Newspaper Game 02x21 Feb/03/1965 As: Director
Patty Meets a Celebrity 02x19 Jan/20/1965 As: Director
The Perfect Hostess 02x18 Jan/13/1965 As: Director
Every Girl Should Be Married 02x17 Jan/06/1965 As: Director
Kraft Suspense Theatre (1963) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Nobody Will Ever Know 02x19 Mar/25/1965 As: Director
Four into Zero 02x15 Feb/18/1965 As: Director
Burke's Law (1963) (1963) (Credited in 6 episodes from this show) 
Who Killed Lenore Wingfield? 02x08 Nov/04/1964 As: Director
Who Killed the Eleventh Best Dressed Woman in the World? 01x30 Apr/24/1964 As: Director
Who Killed Who IV? 01x27 Apr/03/1964 As: Director
Who Killed Molly? 01x26 Mar/27/1964 As: Director
Who Killed Harris Crown? 01x04 Oct/11/1963 As: Director
Who Killed Mr. X? 01x02 Sep/27/1963 As: Director
Perry Mason (1957) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Case of the Floating Stones 07x08 Nov/21/1963 As: Director
The Twilight Zone (1959) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Steel 05x02 Oct/04/1963 As: Director
The Wide Country (1962) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
The Lucky Punch 01x27 Apr/18/1963 As: Director
Yanqui, Go Home! 01x26 Apr/04/1963 As: Director
Memory of a Filly 01x14 Jan/03/1963 As: Director
Good Old Uncle Walt 01x12 Dec/13/1962 As: Director
A Guy for Clementine 01x02 Sep/27/1962 As: Director
McKeever & the Colonel (1962) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Big Charade 01x19 Feb/17/1963 As: Director
Alcoa Premiere (1961) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Lollipop Louie 02x15 Jan/10/1963 As: Director
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) (1955) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
First Class Honeymoon 07x36 Jun/12/1962 As: Director
A Secret Life 06x33 May/30/1961 As: Director
A Pearl Necklace 06x29 May/02/1961 As: Director
The Big Switch 01x15 Jan/08/1956 As: Director
Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid 01x12 Dec/18/1955 As: Director
87th Precinct (1961) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Killer's Choice 01x23 Mar/05/1962 As: Director
The Pigeon 01x19 Jan/29/1962 As: Director
Give the Boys a Great Big Hand 01x17 Jan/15/1962 As: Director
My Friend, My Enemy 01x10 Nov/27/1961 As: Director
Line of Duty 01x05 Oct/23/1961 As: Director
The Bob Cummings Show (1961) (1961) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Who Chopped Down the Cherokee? 01x06 Nov/09/1961 As: Director
Roamin' Holiday 01x05 Nov/02/1961 As: Director
Vive La Credit Card 01x03 Oct/19/1961 As: Director
Very Warm for Mayan 01x02 Oct/12/1961 As: Director
Executive Sweet 01x01 Oct/05/1961 As: Director
The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor (1959) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Kinfolk 02x17 Jan/20/1961 As: Director
Checkmate (1960) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
The Human Touch 01x15 Jan/14/1961 As: Director
The Dark Divide 01x09 Nov/19/1960 As: Director
The Deadly Shadow 01x08 Nov/12/1960 As: Director
The Cyanide Touch 01x03 Oct/01/1960 As: Director
The Andy Griffith Show (1960) (Credited in 9 episodes from this show) 
Stranger In Town 01x12 Dec/26/1960 As: Director
A Feud is a Feud 01x09 Dec/05/1960 As: Director
Opie's Charity 01x08 Nov/28/1960 As: Director
Andy the Matchmaker 01x07 Nov/14/1960 As: Director
Runaway Kid 01x06 Nov/07/1960 As: Director
Irresistible Andy 01x05 Oct/31/1960 As: Director
Ellie Comes to Town 01x04 Oct/24/1960 As: Director
The Guitar Player 01x03 Oct/17/1960 As: Director
The Manhunt 01x02 Oct/10/1960 As: Director
The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Head of the Family (Pilot)   Jul/19/1960 As: Director
The Dennis O'Keefe Show (1959) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
June Thursday 01x32 May/10/1960 As: Director
Dimples 01x28 Apr/12/1960 As: Director
Teacher's Pest 01x02 Sep/29/1959 As: Director
The Jack Benny Program (1950) (Credited in 10 episodes from this show) 
Jack is Arrested 10x11 Feb/21/1960 As: Director
Jack Goes to a Pasadena Fan Club Meeting 10x06 Dec/13/1959 As: Director
Edgar Bergen Show 09x14 Mar/22/1959 As: Director
Jack Goes to a Nightclub 09x11 Feb/08/1959 As: Director
Jack Goes to the Doctor 09x06 Nov/30/1958 As: Director
Hillbilly Act 08x16 Apr/20/1958 As: Director
Railroad Station Show 08x14 Mar/23/1958 As: Director
Jack at the Races 08x11 Feb/09/1958 As: Director
Jack Takes a Beaver to the Dentist 08x09 Jan/12/1958 As: Director
Jack's Life Story 08x06 Dec/01/1957 As: Director
The Troubleshooters (US) (1959) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
High Steel 01x16 Jan/15/1960 As: Director
The Thin Man (1957) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Dear Dead Days 02x31 May/29/1959 As: Director
That's Gratitude 02x25 Apr/17/1959 As: Director
Anonymity Anyone? 02x24 Apr/10/1959 As: Director
Black Wind and Lightning 02x18 Feb/27/1959 As: Director
Beauty and the Bath 02x11 Jan/02/1959 As: Director
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (1951) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Secrets of the Old Bailey 07x27 Apr/11/1958 As: Director
Rich Man, Poor Man 07x13 Dec/20/1957 As: Director
The Lonely Wizard 07x08 Nov/15/1957 As: Director
Tower Room 14-A 06x15 Jan/11/1957 As: Director
M Squad (1957) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
Street of Fear 01x06 Nov/01/1957 As: Director
Face of Evil 01x05 Oct/18/1957 As: Director
Wagon Train (1957) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Nels Stack Story 01x06 Oct/23/1957 As: Director
The 20th Century-Fox Hour (1955) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
The Great American Hoax 02x17 May/15/1957 As: Director
General Electric Theater (1953) (Credited in 3 episodes from this show) 
Cab Driver 05x29 Apr/14/1957 As: Director
The Big Shooter 05x22 Feb/17/1957 As: Director
The Doctors of Pawnee Kill 05x19 Jan/27/1957 As: Director
Studio 57 (1954) (Credited in 2 episodes from this show) 
The Blue Wall 03x11 Nov/27/1956 As: Director
Nailed Down 02x05 Oct/01/1955 As: Director
General Electric Summer Originals (1956) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
It's Sunny Again 01x01 Jul/03/1956 As: Director
The Jane Wyman Show (1955) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Little Guy 01x05 Sep/27/1955 As: Director
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