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Matthew Gray Gubler

  played Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds

- Reid is 24 as of episode 4 - Plain Sight
- Has three PhDs
- Is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where he went to a public high school (graduated at age 12)
- genius with an eidetic memory ( "I do have an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory and can read 20,000 words per minute." -Extreme Aggressor)
- Very good with Statistics
- Gideon gave him two Redskins tickets for his 24th birthday (Plain Sight); Reid took JJ (A.J. Cook) to the game
- Can do magic tricks (Derailed)
- Met Hollywood star Lila Archer on a case (Somebody's Watching) and fell in love with her.
- Cannot use chopsticks (A Real Rain)
-Took care of his mother, a professor of 15th century literature and a paranoid schizophrenic, for nearly ten years after his father left them (he was finally forced to institutionalize his mother when he was eighteen). (The Fisher King, Parts I & II; Revelations)
-Was kidnapped and subjected to a series of physical tortures (including severe beatings and flailing of the soles of the feet), psychological tortures (including Russian roulette and being forced to decide between the life and death of others) and a drug-induced seizure by a young man suffering from multiple personality disorder (Revelations). Though Reid was able to save himself by killing his captor, he is now suffering the aftereffects of his ordeal (Fear and Loathing; Distress; Jones)