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Henry Jones (1)

Mostly Credited As: Henry Jones (1)
Birth Name: Henry Burk Jones
Date Of Birth: August 01, 1912 (Age 86)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date Of Death: May 17, 1999
Cause Of Death: Fall
Height: 5' 10" (1.77 m)

Henry Jones (1)

Henry Jones, who played Judge Dexter in "Phyllis," gave every evidence of being a staid family man when in actuality he was divorced and lived alone at the beach. A veteran of 350 television appearances, dozens of movies and Broadway plays, Jones ruefully lamented, "I
lead a pretty dull life." And so he did. He was divorced in 1961 and at 63 was content to "live the rest of his life without romance."
By 1976 Henry's home for the past nine years had been a two-room apartment right on Malibu Beach with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, a body of water he "wouldn't think of bathing in."
He did, however, enjoy the sight, sound and aroma of the sea, eschewing the sunshine that went with it. He never sunbathed and preferred to walk the beach in foggy or rainy weather at low tide. The main room of his abode had a bar in one corner and a fireplace in the other. A large couch and a love seat converted into beds for those occasions when his offspring decided to spend the night. A small bedroom, kitchenette and bath comprised the rest of the dwelling.
His most frequent visitors were son David, 30, and a daughter, Jocelyn, 25, both of whom lived in the Los Angeles area. Henry's social life was severely limited by the demands of the series he worked in. He immersed himself in scripts weeknights. On Saturday evenings more often than not he took one of three lady friends to dinner. According to Henry, "there is nothing amatory in the relationships".
Most of the time Henry was up at 7 a.m. for a cup of coffee. He allowed an hour to drive the curving mountain road through Malibu Canyon to CBS Studio Center in the San Fernando Valley.
He ignored breakfast and lunch in an endless battle against gaining weight. Dinner was no big deal either Henry was a rotten cook but persisted in preparing his own evening meals.
Henry Jones died in Los Angeles, California, at age 86, from complications from injuries suffered in a fall.

TV Appearances

Main cast 
I Married Dora (1987)As: Hughes Whitney Lennox
Gun Shy (1983)As: Homer McCoy
Mrs. Columbo (1979)As: Josh Alden
Phyllis (1975)As: Jonathan Dexter
These Are the Days (US) (1974)As: Jeff Day -- [Voice]
Channing (1963)As: Dean Fred Baker
Episode Cast Credits 

Hallmark Hall Of Fame (1951) 
  Breathing Lessons 43x02: (Feb/06/1994) As Sam 

Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983) 
  Mission of Gold 04x17: (Feb/20/1987) As Barney Dorsey 

Magnum, P.I. (1980) 
  Murder by Night 07x14: (Jan/14/1987) As Butler 

Sidekicks (1986) 
  Grey Belts 01x11: (Dec/20/1986) As Irwin 

MacGyver (1985) 
  The Eraser 02x02: (Sep/29/1986) As Charles Banning 

The Last Precinct (1986) 
  Three-Ring Circus 01x07: (May/30/1986) As Unknown 

Falcon Crest (1981) 
  Cease and Desist 05x26: (May/02/1986) As Riley Wicker 
  Flesh and Blood 05x20: (Feb/21/1986) As Riley Wicker 
  Gambit Exposed 05x18: (Feb/07/1986) As Riley Wicker 
  Shattered Dreams 05x17: (Jan/31/1986) As Riley Wicker 

Cagney & Lacey (1982) 
  Entrapment 05x05: (Nov/04/1985) As Judge Cole 

Filthy Rich (US) (1982) 
  Town and Garden 01x03: (Aug/23/1982) As Mr. H. Phillip Means 

CHiPs (1977) 
  Diamond in the Rough 05x08: (Nov/22/1981) As Dutton 

Quincy, M.E. (1976) 
  The Golden Hour 07x02: (Nov/04/1981) As Richard Hawley 
  A Test for Living 04x03: (Oct/19/1978) As Unknown 

B.J. and the Bear (1979) 
  For Adults Only 03x09: (Mar/10/1981) As Fred 

Flo (1980) 
  Not With My Sister, You Don't 02x12: (Jan/26/1981) As Harold 
  The Grey Escape 02x10: (Jan/05/1981) As Harold 
  Happy Birthday, Mama 01x03: (Apr/07/1980) As Harold 

Fantasy Island (1977) (1978) 
  The Love Doctor/The Pleasure Palace / Possessed 04x05: (Nov/22/1980) As Judge Ralph 
  The Funny Girl/Butch and Sundance 01x07: (Mar/18/1978) As Bank Teller 

Here's Boomer (1980) 
  George and Emma 01x07: (May/02/1980) As George 

Supertrain (1979) 
  The Green Girl 01x08: (Apr/28/1979) As James Malinson 

Vega$ (1978) 
  Milliken's Stash 01x07: (Nov/08/1978) As Fitz 

Project UFO (1978) 
  Sighting 4022: The Camouflage Incident 02x06: (Nov/02/1978) As Harold Moon 

Barney Miller (1975) 
  The Prisoner 05x07: (Oct/19/1978) As Father Clement 

We'll Get By (1975) 
  Grandpa Wants In 01x12: (May/30/1975) As Grandpa Platt 

The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) 
  Return of the Robot Maker 02x15: (Jan/26/1975) As Dr. Dolenz 
  Run, Steve, Run 01x13: (Apr/26/1974) As Doctor Jeffrey Dolenz 
  Day of the Robot 01x04: (Feb/08/1974) As Jeffrey Dolenz 

Run, Joe, Run (1974) 
  The Mute 01x11: (Nov/16/1974) As Feeney 

Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974) 
  The Werewolf 01x05: (Nov/01/1974) As Captain Julian Wells 

Petrocelli (1974) 
  A Life for a Life 01x05: (Oct/09/1974) As Wheaton 

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1973) 
  Pilot 01x03: (Oct/10/1973) As Jack 

The Partridge Family (1970) 
  The Partridge Connection 03x22: (Mar/02/1973) As Mr. Phelps 

Hec Ramsey (1972) 
  The Mystery of Chalk Hill 01x05: (Feb/18/1973) As Doc Kirby 

Ghost Story (1972) 
  Doorway to Death 01x17: (Jan/26/1973) As Truthers, [Starring Roles]

The Paul Lynde Show (1972) 
  The Bare Facts 01x16: (Jan/03/1973) As Judge Conrad 

Emergency! (1972) 
  Show Biz 02x03: (Sep/30/1972) As Dr. Alexander Knott 

Bonanza (1959) 
  The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother 13x23: (Mar/12/1972) As Sheriff 
  A Knight to Remember 06x13: (Dec/20/1964) As Arthur/Leo 

Night Gallery (1970) 
  You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore 02x60: (Feb/23/1972) As Malcolm Hample, [Co-Guest Stars]

Gunsmoke (1955) 
  No Tomorrow 17x16: (Jan/03/1972) As J. Luther Cross 
  The Badge 15x19: (Feb/02/1970) As Papa Steiffer 
  Stranger in Town 13x11: (Nov/20/1967) As Harvey Cagle 

The Mod Squad (1968) 
  And a Little Child Shall Bleed Them 04x11: (Nov/23/1971) As Paulie 
  My, What a Pretty Bus 01x03: (Oct/08/1968) As Herbert Milne 

The Man and the City (1971) 
  I Should Have Let Him Die 01x03: (Sep/29/1971) As Harry Niles 

Alias Smith and Jones (1971) 
  The Day They Hanged Kid Curry 02x01: (Sep/16/1971) As Judge Carter 

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970) 
  Howard's Girl 01x15: (Jan/02/1971) As Mr. Arnell, [Special Guest Stars]

Nanny and the Professor (1970) 
  I Think That I Shall Never See a Tree 01x10: (Mar/25/1970) As Mr. Abercrombie 

The Outsider (US) (1968) 
  Service for One 01x25: (Apr/09/1969) As Decker 

Here Come the Brides (1968) 
  Mr. & Mrs. Jason Bolt 01x22: (Mar/12/1969) As Jebediah (Jebediah Thornley) 

Daniel Boone (1964) (1964) 
  Minnow for a Shark 05x12: (Jan/02/1969) As Jonas Morgan 
  The Spanish Horse 04x11: (Nov/23/1967) As Landers 

The Guns of Will Sonnett (1967) 
  Chapter and Verse 02x03: (Oct/11/1968) As Preacher 

Tarzan (1966) (1966) 
  End of a Challenge 02x20: (Feb/16/1968) As Leech 

That Girl (1966) 
  Black, White and Read All Over 02x03: (Sep/21/1967) As T.L. Harrison 

The Big Valley (1965) 
  Court Martial 02x24: (Mar/06/1967) As General Alderson 

Lost in Space (1965) 
  Curse of Cousin Smith 02x10: (Nov/16/1966) As Jeremiah (Jeremiah Smith) 

The Tammy Grimes Show (1966) 
  Officer's Mess 01x01: (Sep/08/1966) As Cmdr. Martin 

Bewitched (1964) 
  The Leprechaun 02x27: (Mar/17/1966) As Brian O'Brian 

A Man Called Shenandoah (1965) 
  Town on Fire 01x08: (Nov/08/1965) As Arnold Shaw 

Burke's Law (1963) (1963) 
  Peace, It's a Gasser 03x08: (Nov/03/1965) As Harrison Quentin Filmore 

Honey West (1965) 
  The Abominable Snowman 01x03: (Oct/01/1965) As Reedy Comfort 

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962) 
  The World's Oldest Motive 03x25: (Apr/12/1965) As Alex Morrow 

Profiles in Courage (1964) 
  Hamilton Fish 01x17: (Mar/07/1965) As guest star 

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964) 
  The Neptune Affair 01x11: (Dec/08/1964) As Vincent Lockridge 

Kraft Suspense Theatre (1963) 
  The Jack is High 02x06: (Nov/19/1964) As Raymond Shipley 

Wagon Train (1957) 
  The Terry Morrell Story 05x30: (Apr/25/1962) As Ben Morrell, [Special Guest Stars]

Route 66 (1960) (1960) 
  Two on the House 02x27: (Apr/20/1962) As Asa Turnbull 

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) (1955) 
  Profit-Sharing Plan 07x23: (Mar/13/1962) As Miles Cheever 
  The Blessington Method 05x08: (Nov/15/1959) As John Treadwell 
  The West Warlock Time Capsule 02x35: (May/26/1957) As George Tiffany 
  Nightmare in 4-D 02x16: (Jan/13/1957) As Harry Parker 

Thriller (US) (1960) 
  'Til Death Do Us Part 02x24: (Mar/12/1962) As Carl Somers 
  The Weird Tailor 02x04: (Oct/16/1961) As Erik Borg 

The Investigators (1961) (1961) 
  The Dead End Man 01x13: (Dec/28/1961) As Gov 

The New Breed (1961) 
  Sweet Bloom of Death 01x09: (Nov/28/1961) As Davidson 

Outlaws (1960) (1960) 
  Ride the Man Down 02x21: (Mar/08/1961) As Henry Plummer 

Adventures in Paradise (1959) 
  Away from It All 02x04: (Oct/24/1960) As Professor Flanders 

The Loretta Young Show (1953) 
  The Misfit 07x30: (Jun/05/1960) As Henry Stokes 

The Twilight Zone (1959) 
  Mr. Bevis 01x33: (Jun/03/1960) As J. Hardy Hempstead 

The Untouchables (1959) (1959) 
  Portrait of a Thief 01x25: (Apr/07/1960) As Brooks Wells / Demos Britttano 

Playhouse 90 (1956) 
  The Silver Whistle 04x07: (Dec/24/1959) As Emmett 
  The Sounds of Eden 04x02: (Oct/15/1959) As Jess Brown 
  The Mystery of Thirteen 02x07: (Oct/24/1957) As Walter Palmer 

Kraft Television Theatre (1947) (1947) 
  The Man in Authority 11x26: (Apr/02/1958) As guest star 
  Triumph 10x50: (Sep/04/1957) As guest star 
  Fire and Ice 10x38: (Jun/12/1957) As guest star 
  The Plunge 10x02: (Sep/26/1956) As guest star 

Studio One (1948) 
  Please Report Any Odd Characters 10x10: (Nov/18/1957) As Simon Hazlett 
  The Genie of Sutton Place 08x34: (May/14/1956) As Sam 
  The Tale of St. Emergency 08x28: (Mar/26/1956) As St. Barnabas 
  Always Welcome 08x24: (Feb/27/1956) As Weaver 

Robert Montgomery Presents Your Lucky Strike Theatre (1950) 
  His Name was Death 08x27: (Mar/18/1957) As guest star 
  Death Insurance 07x31: (Apr/02/1956) As guest star 
  The Bench in the Park 04x10: (Nov/03/1952) As guest star 

Climax! (1954) 
  Fury at Dawn 02x39: (Jul/19/1956) As Dr. Barney O'Keefe 

Playwrights '56 (1955) 
  This Business of Murder 01x10: (Jan/31/1956) As Oliver 

The Philco Television Playhouse (1948) 
  One Mummy Too Many 08x06: (Nov/20/1955) As guest star 

Tales of Tomorrow (1951) 
  The Spider's Web 02x40: (May/22/1953) As Irwin Crawford 
  A Bird in Hand 02x01: (Aug/22/1952) As guest star 

Suspense (US) (1949) 
  Mr. Matches 05x19: (Jan/13/1953) As guest star 
  The Man Without a Face 04x14: (Dec/04/1951) As guest star 

The Lux Video Theatre (1950) 
  The Orchard 02x51: (Aug/11/1952) As Dan 
  Ferry Crisis at Friday Point 02x39: (May/19/1952) As Jim 
  Dames are Poison 02x14: (Nov/26/1951) As Sanford 

Lights Out (1949) 
  A Lucky Piece 04x34: (Apr/21/1952) As guest star 

Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (1951) 
  Apple of His Eyes 01x22: (Feb/29/1952) As guest star 
  P.G. 01x17: (Jan/25/1952) As guest star 

The Web (1950) 
  A Switch In Time 01x46: (May/23/1951) As Unknown 
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