Melissa McIntyre

played Ashley Kerwin [S01-S04, S06] in Degrassi

Ashley started out very academically driven, and even was Class President in grade 8. However, she found out her parent's divorced because her dad was gay, which Ashley found hard to accept. Ashley dated Jimmy Brooks, and recently moved in with her mom's new husband, and his son Toby. At the end of grade 8, Ashley took ecstasy at a party, and lost her boyfriend, her friends, and the trust of everyone, not to mention her reputation.

In her freshman year, Ashley struggled to become friends with her old crowd again, but unfortunately couldn't. Instead, Ashley hung out with Ellie Nash, and the two had the same interest in music. Ashley even decides to be more like Ellie, and cuts her hair very short, and become goth. Jimmy starts to like Ashley again, but when Jimmy likes the old Ashley better, Ashley breaks up with him, and dates Craig, who likes her for who she is.

In her sophomore year, Craig cheats on her with Manny Santos, and Manny ends up pregnant (and later gets an abortion). Ashley is unable to forgive Craig once she finds out, and ignores him throughout the year, until the Battle of the Bands, when Craig apologizes and means it. The two than become a couple again.

In her freshman year, Ashley is depressed when Rick, who beat her friend Terri, shoots Jimmy during the school shooting. Like many, Ashley attended the counseling that followed the aftermath of the event. Ashley and Craig help with the music on Kevin Smith's movie. Craig asks her to marry him at her father's wedding, and she turns him down. Craig, who is bi-polar, becomes very depressed, and runs away. Later, Ashley moves to London with her father.

Ashley misses her senior year, because she isn't able to find a school in London, so she comes back a year later, and she starts dating Jimmy Brooks. Ashley helps Jimmy as he tries to figure himself, now that he's wheel-chair bound. Ashley seems to be interested in law, and Jimmy does, if art doesn't work out, that is.