Mike Douglas (1)

He was born Michael Delaney Dowd Jr. on 11 August 1925 in Chicago, Illinois.
Mike is an Actor, Singer, Talk Show Host and a all-around Entertainer.
He began singing professionally at the age of 15 on a cruise ship sailing back and forth between Buffalo, New York and Cleveland, Ohio for his room, board and $35 a 1940.
In 1944 he married “Genevieve Purnell” and they had 3 daughters together which include twins. The twins are “Christine” & “Michelle” and the 3rd daughter was “Kelly Anne”, in 2004 they celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary together.
He served in the U.S. Navy for a few years during World War II and after getting his Honorable discharge he began singing for Big Band leader “Kay Kyser and his Orchestra”.
He was the lead singer on 2 of “Kay Kyser’s” biggest hits first in 1946 titled “Ole’ Buttermilk Sky” and in 1947 with “The Old Lamplighter”.
He also appeared in the TV series “Kay Kyser’s Kollege of Musical Knowledge” as “Michael Douglas” in 1949.
In 1950 Mike did the voice over for “Prince Charming” in the “Walt Disney” animated classic “Cinderella”.
Mike remained with Kyser and his Band until Kay decided to retire from the entertainment industry in 1951.
Douglas was next seen in 1953 in the Music Variety series “The Music Show” until it went off the air the following year.
In 1957 he appeared in an episode of the weekly TV series “Club 60” also sometimes known as “The Howard Miller Show” who was the show’s host.
He was hired in 1961 to host his own talk show in Cleveland, Ohio on “KYW” TV channel 3 for only $400 dollars a week as “The Mike Douglas Show”.
In 1965 “Westinghouse” who owned the show won a court battle with “NBC” TV and in the wake of the decision they took control of the local station in Philadelphia. They took Mike and his show to the new station they now renamed to “KYW”.
In 1966 he had his one and only single “The Men In My Little Girl’s Life” and album of the same name make the Billboard record charts.
The single peaked at #6 on the Top 100-pop chart and at #3 on the Adult Contemporary chart. The album peaked at #46 on the Top 200-album chart.
In 1972 he had as one of his guest hosts in his absence “John Lennon” and his wife “Yoko Ono Lennon” for a full week.
His show moved once again to Burbank, Los Angeles, California in July 1978 where it remained until the airing of its’ final episode on 30 November 1981.
Over the years since his show ended it long 21 year run he has appeared in numerous Films and TV shows as a guest star.