Robert Bray

  played Corey Stuart [S11-S15] in Lassie (US)

Corey Stuart is a bachelor and a Forest Ranger. He first appears as a guest in the multi-part episode, "Disappearance" of the tenth season. There, Corey rescues Lassie in a storm and has several adventures with her before she finally reunites with the Martin family. At the top of the eleventh season, the Martins emigrate to Australia and Lassie is left in the States due to Australia's strict quarantine regulations. Lassie finds a home with Corey and has many wilderness adventures with him. When Corey is severely injured in a forest fire and requires months of rehabilitation, Lassie finds a home with two of his co-workers, Scott and Bob. The wilderness stories continue for a few seasons but Corey never returns. In her last CBS season, Lassie's two human companions vanish with no explanation and she travels alone from place to place helping needy humans and animals before settling at a home for troubled children for her two final syndicated seasons.

Producers believed handsome Robert Bray as Corey would appeal to the show's teen and adult audience but teens turned to more exciting fare and the show suffered poor ratings. Behind the scenes, Bray's emotional and alcoholic problems forced his departure from the series.