Daniel Gillies

  played Elijah in The Vampire Diaries

Elijah is a vampire, one of the Originals, the oldest and most powerful vampires. However, he is far weaker than Klaus, the oldest living vampire and the Original's Leader. As Rose said, he was the "Easter Bunny" compared to Klaus.

Elijah has all the powers of a vampire but with almost none of the weaknesses. As he is one of the Originals, Elijah is far more powerful than other vampires. He is undoubtedly vastly physically stronger than Rose and the now deceased Trevor despite they themselves being at the very least 580 years old. He is also highly resistant against the usually debilitating substances deployed against vampires. For example, when Elena blasted him with a vervain hand-grenade it burns him but he heals within seconds. Also, when Damon staked him, he returned to life hours later and pulled out the stake that pinned him to the front door of an abandoned mansion. He is so strong that he beheaded Trevor with a mere chop of his hand to the neck. (Rose) He can even compel other vampires, for example he made Slater call Rose and Damon and kill himself by staking himself afterwards. (Katerina) Elijah exchanged a hundred dollars for some coins which he threw as high velocity projectiles causing the windows to explode of a cafe.

When Rose and Damon went to see a vampire named Slater looking for information about the curse, Elijah, from outside, threw some coins at the web-Café window shattering the special UV protected glass that made it a vampire hangout & sending all the vampires inside running for cover to get out of the burning sunlight. Later that night, he compelled Slater to call Rose (who was with Damon) and tell her that they can stop the sacrifice by unspelling the moonstone. Elijah then further compelled Slater to stake himself. With the help of the allied Dr.Martin he found Elena but surprisingly he let her and Damon live when Dr.Martin ask him about that he said that its was good that Damon was alive so he can protect Elena and he wants her to be protected. In By The Light Of The Moon Elijah also confronts Elena and makes a deal (An alliance between Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Rose and possibly Caroline and Tyler with Elijah, Jonas and Luka to keep them safe at all of Klaus) showing that he has no concern as to break the curse, but to find Klaus and kill him.
played Elijah Mikaelson in The Originals

Elijah Mikaelson is one calm, balanced, wrapped in morality and impeccable sartorial taste and also a dignified Original vampire who is desperate to find a way of redemption for his evil brother "Klaus" even after Klaus's many deceptions. He is the elder brother in the Original family and very protective about the same.It has shown that he can do anything to defend Hayley and Klaus's unborn child. He is a man of his words. In season 1 episode 2 Rebekah told Hayley that "Elijah never breaks his promises". He possesses all the power and strength that an original does and can only be killed by the white oak stake, he could be neutralized like other originals (except Klaus) through white oak ash dagger though.