Michael Barrymore

played Bob Martin in Bob Martin

An old school light entertainer and the presenter of the gameshow Quickfire. The gameshow features celebrity guests who team up with members of the general public to answer questions. Bob is very good at his job but really wants to do something much bigger than Quickfire. This is why he touts himself for Terry Wogan's job presenting the Eurovision Song Contest. Bob doesn't really have any celebrity friends but Lynda Bellingham does come round to see him in one episode.
played Michael Barrymore [Series 4 (2006)- Runner Up] in Celebrity Big Brother

Michael Barrymore was a housemate in the fourth series of Celebrity Big Brother. He entered on Day One after the non-celebrity Chantelle Houghton, he was immediately recognized by most of the housemates, except the American contingent of Dennis Rodman and Traci Bingham. Barrymore was a famous face during the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s in Great Britain thanks to his comedy game shows and variety shows which include Strike it Lucky/Rich, Barrymore and My Kind of Music.

Barrymore found the first few days an emotional experience, this was because at the time he had been off alcohol and drugs for 4 and a half years and had been through an extremely terrible time in his private life. However, he lightened up on Day 3 when, as part of a task, he was required to perform a comedy routine. He did and it brought the house down, a famous photograph from the time showed Barrymore impersonating the German dictator Adolf Hitler. On Day 4, he was ranked the most famous housemate in a task. Barrymore famously clashed with Jodie Marsh and was accused of bullying her, along with George Galloway and Pete Burns.