David Cassidy

David is the son of actress Evelyn Ward and actor Jack Cassidy.
He is the half-brother of Shaun Cassidy, Ryan Cassidy, and Patrick Cassidy.
David is the stepson of Shirley Jones.
Has a daughter, Katie Cassidy, a.k.a. Katherine Evelyn Benedon, born 25 November 1986, from a previous relationship.
David had an operation at age 11 on his left optical nerve which was wrapped around a blood vessel, sometimes resulting in a "lazy" eye when he's over-tired,
He had his gall bladder removed in 1972 after a concert in Wildwood, New Jersey.
Attempting to break from his Keith Partridge persona, he posed nude for Annie Leibovitz for a photo in the 11 May 1972 "Rolling Stone" magazine.
David is allergic to garlic.
At his peak of his career, David was the world's highest paid live entertainer, and his official fan club was the largest in pop history -- exceeding Elvis Presley and The Beatles.