Bill Hader

voiced Dr. Malocchio in The Awesomes

The world's most feared super-villain, Giuseppe Malocchio has hypno-powers that can convince anyone to do his bidding. The only people who have an innate ability to resist his power are Mr. Awesome and his son, Jeremy (aka Prock).

In the 1940s, Malocchio was a scientist who set out to study the emerging phenomena of superpowers. He became fast friends with Mr. Awesome, and together they isolated the superhero gene. However, Malocchio wanted to create more superpowers. He started with himself, gaining mind-control powers but turning evil in the process. Malocchio then created more superpowered beings, including Tom Boy and the Animal Kingdom, but they all turned evil as well. and directly or indirectly served him.

Because of his many defeats at the hands of Mr. Awesome, Malocchio saw no point in escaping prison when Mr. Awesome was around. Now that Mr. Awesome has retired and been replaced by his inexperienced son Prock, Malocchio has decided to renew his criminal career again.

Malocchio's current scheme involves turning the public against superheros and then convincing the superheroes to give up their powers, believing that supervillains will do the same and making the world a safer place.

The master villain has a daughter, Hotwire, who he secretly plans with the Awesomes so he can gain access to the vault where Mr. Awesome has hidden the world's most dangerous weapons.