Melissa George

  played Angel Brooks Parish [1993-1996] in Home and Away (AU)

Angel arrived in Summer Bay as a teenager who ran away from home, she did not make a good impression in the bay, selling fake concert tickets to Shane Parrish, she got Shane back for annoying her alot. Angel lived rough on the streets and caught an infection and was then hospitalised. Damien Roberts felt sorry for her and tried to persuade his foster mum Pippa Ross to take her in, but she couldn't because the house was already full ,so Donald Fisher decided to let her stay with him even though Shane was also living there.
The two of them were always fighting but it was clear there was something between them. They admitted their feelings for each other and decided to keep their relationship a secret but Donald caught them kissing and their secret was exposed. Angel then settled in Summer Bay but Shane made a shocking discovery when Angel was on her working experience at the police station, that she had a son when she was 14, the secret threatened their relationship and they split up for a time. Shane's brother, Nick urged him to talk to Angel about it and Angel told him that her mother kicked her out when she found out that she was pregnant and the baby went to live with the grandmother on the father's side.
Shane then wanted to help Angel to find her son so they could raise him together. His name was Dylan and they soon tracked him down and took him to live in the bay, Dylan soon caused trouble between Angel and Shane but the trouble was resolved when Shane became like a proper father to him. Shane wanted them all to be a proper family so he proposed to Angel and she said yes. Alf Stewart then accidently ran Angel over in his truck leaving her in a wheelchair for a short time, she was devastated to learn she wouldn't be walking down the aisle, but was determined to go ahead with the wedding and on that day she did, with much difficulty, walk down the aisle, with the help of Don that is. Married life was going well until Dylan's babysitter Shannon made a pass at Shane but when he rejected her she told everyone they had been having an affair, which Angel was led to believe, she planned to leave the bay with Dylan by seaplane which crashed leaving both of them missing, but they were soon rescued, Shannon then came clean that it was all a lie and Angel and Shane got back together. Angel later decided to forgive Shannon when she saved Dylan from being kidnapped bu his biological father. Angel then discovered Dylan had lukeamia and thought about having another baby with Dylan's biological father in order to provide bone marrow donor for him, But her plans were ruined when she was pregnant with Shane's baby. Dylan soon recovered after extensive chemotherapy and with the new baby on the way thing were looking up. Shane was later knocked off his motorbike and had to have his spleen removed and seemed to be getting better but on a family picnic he told Angel he felt ill and collapsed, Shane was rushed to hospital but it was too late and he died on the operating table from septicemia which was caused by a small cut in his hand. Angel struggled to come to terms with his death and a month later she went into labour during a huge flood, she was unable to get to hospital so Shannon and her boyfriend Alex tried to get her to Pippa's house, they got stuck until an unidentifed biker led them safely to pippa's, there Angel gave birth to a girl, who she named Shane, Angel became convinced the biker was Shane and then came to terms with his death. On that same night Pippa lost Michael in the storm. A rich englishman named Simon Broadhurst came to the bay to investigate who knocked Shane off his bike and discovered it was the policeman who supported her in the aftermath of his death. Simon began falling for Angel but she told him it was too soon after Shane's death for anything to happen between them. An earthquake then hit Summer Bay and Angel's house was destroyed, she wondered if she should be in the bay and when simon returned she confessed that she was in love with him and they both decided to leave for England. Angel said goodbye to her friends and visited Shane's grave one last time before leaving. She hasn't returned to Summer Bay since but Simon briefly returned in 2000 and told Don that he and Angel were still together.