Michael Dorn

played Worf [Season 4-7] in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Species: Klingon/tlhIngan
Rank: Lieutenant Commander (Seasons 4-7)
Designation: Tactical Officer

At first acting as a Federation representative to the Klingon Empire during the Empire's plans for war against Cardassia, Worf quickly gained favor with Captain Sisko. When Worf was exiled from the Empire for not joining Chancellor Gowron in battle against the Cardassians, Sisko made Worf his tactical officer. Always the one to suggest action over words, Worf soon becomes a valuable asset to Deep Space Nine.
played Lt./Lt. Cmdr. Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Worf is a Klingon whose parents were killed at Khitomer. He was raised by humans, with a step-brother, and became the first Klingon to serve in Star Fleet. He has the heart of a Warrior, and still keeps tabs with his Klingon Culture. He used to be the Junior Bridge Officer, and he took the place of Tasha Yar after her death, He found out from K'Ehleyr, another Klingon that also works with The Federation, that he has a son named Alexander, She was Worf's mate, and very clever, since she discovered Duras's attempt to overthrow The Klingon Empire. Duras had her killed when she found out what had happened, but Worf killed Duras later. Worf couldn't care for Alexander at the time, so he had him live with the people that Worf grew up with. He later returned with Worf, and the two have had problems with each other, which resulted in Counselor Troi helping them solve problems. Worf fell in love with her, at the same time that Will fell in love with Ro Larren. Alexander grew up fast, and helped The Federation fight against The Dominion. Worf served on DS9, while occasionally returning to The Enterprise. He is now an ambassador.
voiced Kalibak in Superman (1996)

Bio: Kalibak is Darkseid’s rejected son. After Desaad failed to kill Superman with one of his inventions, Kalibak asked his father to let him destroy Superman, but Darkseid refused. Then, Desaad tricked Kalibak into going to Earth against his father’s will, so as to earn his respect. There, he went on a rampage to call Superman’s attention and they fought all over Metropolis. Kalibak is a fearsome warrior and had Superman under ropes for a few moments. He is mainly driven by the wish of being accepted by Darkseid, but that was not enough to kill Superman. So, as a result of his failure, Darkseid punished him with his Omega Beam, seemingly destroying him.

Shortly after, Kalibak reappeared restored to life and sill determined to prove his worthiness to his father. However, Darkseid still didn’t entrust Kalibak with such task, so he sent Steppenwolf instead.