Quentin Tarantino

Films include Desperado, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Sin City.
He himself was an uncredited script doctor for the action blockbusters as "The Rock." He's also said that he would like to direct a James Bond movie at some point. Sean Connery himself said Quentin should write and direct a lot of the new ones.
Has incorperated his foot fetish into all his movies, except for "Resevoir Dogs."
He won two Oscars and BAFTA (The British Oscar) Awards for Best Screenplay--"Pulp Fiction" and "Django Unchained."
Known for his rhythmic dialogue--filled with observations, pop-culture references and heavy use of obscenities. There's almost a beat to it.
His narrative directing approach usually has a broken non-linear approach, like "Citizen Kane."
His most personal and autobiographical film was "True Romance," despite him not directing or appearing in it any point.
Casts a lot of has-been actors that he personally loved seeing from earlier films--Pam Grier, Sid Haig, Sonny Chiba, John Travolta, Lawrence Tierney.
Often collaborates with director Robert Rodriguez, Harvey Kietel and Steve Buscemi.
His lead anti-hero characters are usually dressed in black.
Usually a suitcase or a bathroom plays a major part in his film.
Large amounts of pop-culture references--especially to other films and actors he loves.
Casts Uma Thurman often--he calles her "his muse." She originally turned down the Mia Wallace role in "Pulp Fiction" and the "Kill Bill" pictures were originally halted to accomidate her as she was pregnant at the time.
Of all of the films directed by Tony Scott, Tarantino considers "Revenge" to be Scott's true masterpiece--even more so than Scott's directing of Tarantino's own screenplay "True Romance."
Quentin Tarantino wrote the original script for "Natural Born Killers." He felt it strayed so much from his original vision, that he demanded he be credited with only "Story by." He later had the original screenplay published so as his original vision could be seen.
The characters in his movies that he plays tend to get killed off.
He tends to fight ininterviews with press he doesn't agree with--paparazzi, Jan Wahl, etc.
He originally worked as a video store clerk and watched just about every movie in the store.
He personally hated product placement in his films. A lot of the trademark brands are his own creation and exist only in Tarantino films--Red Apple Cigarettes, Big Kahuna Burger, etc. Such fictitious brands are on novelty merchandise.