Nick Jameson

voiced Michael Morbius in Spider-Man (1994)

First Appearance: "The Insidious Six (1)"
First Comic Appearance: the Amazing Spider-Man, issue 101 (1974)
A.K.A.: Morbius
Love Interests: Felicia Hardy/ The Black Cat
Eye Color: Sea Green/ Red
Team(s): Works with Blade and Black Cat to kill all vampires
Position: Vampire; active vampire hunter
See Also: Felicia Hardy, Black Cat, Blade, Debra Whitman

Michael Morbius was a straight-A science student and had the love of Felicia Hardy. While working on a science contest in which his stiff competition was Peter, he stole Peter's blood sample, and tried to use it in his project involving the Neogenic Recombinator. Once he began his work, a bat flew in, trying to consume Peter's blood, and was hit by the Neogenic Recombinator. It then bit Michael, turning him into a humanoid bat with the power of flight, super-strength, and more. He also has the weakness of bats, as he must feed on blood (called "plasma" due to being censored). Also, Morbius was not allowed to bite necks in the traditional sense; he was forced to feed off of plasma using "suckers" on his palms. His state is unusual, as during the day, he becomes regular Michael Morbius, though once night falls, he becomes the vampire Morbius.

Blade premiered in this story arc, as he was trying to kill Morbius, while Spider-Man felt guilty that Morbius was created by his blood, so he tries to prevent him from being killed. After trying to reverse his transformation, he accidentally turns himself into more than just a humanoid bat into nearly a bat. He has since been cured from that state, though he's now back to his second stage.

Although he was somewhat unaware of it, Debra Whitman was in love with him, despite his condition and his undying love for Felicia Hardy.