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Blink 182

Travis Barker was born on November 14, 1975, in California.
Tom Delonge was born on December 13th, 1975, in San Diego.
Both Mark and Tom's parents are divorced. Travis' mom Gloria died of cancer.
During the movie "Bubbleboy" the song "Dammit" (Dude Ranch, 1997) can be heard several times.
Travis and Tom are members of the band "Boxcar racer".
Travis is a member of "The Transplants"
Mark and Travis are part of the band "Plus 44"
Blink-182 was originally called just blink, but an Irish band had that name before and they changed it when they recorded their first disk.
Tom's hobby is the "Ufology", science that studies UFOs. He even wrote a song called "Aliens Exist" (Enema of the State, 1999)
In 1999-2000, their great hit "All the Small thing" appeared in the "top 10 songs" of several important music magazines.
"All the Small Things" (Enema of the State, 1999) and "First Date" (Take Off your Pants and Jacket, 2001) can be heard in the movie "Clockstoppers".
They can also be seen on "Album Launch"
Mark appears in Simple Plan's video "I'd do anythyng".
Mark and Tom both live in San Diego. Travis lives in Riverside.
"Mutt" (Enema of the State, 1999) can be heard on "Tomcats" (2001)
"I Miss You" (blink-182 [Self-Titled], 2003) can be heard on the pilot of "The Mountain".
"Feeling This" (blink-182 [Self-Titled], 2003) can be heard in Madden NFL 2004
"Dammit" (Dude Ranch, 1997) can be heard on "Dawson's Creek" (1998)
"All the small things" (Enema of the State, 1999) can be heard during "Charlie's Angels" credits.
"Dumpweed" (Enema of the State, 1999) can be heard on "Jailbait" (2000)
"All the Small Things" (Enema of the State, 1999) can be heard in "Sabrina, the teenage witch".
Their album "Enema of the State" stayed in the Billboard top #200 for over a year.
According to Tom DeLonge: "Even if it doesn't really matter, and even some of our albums didn't have the "right name", the official name of the group is blink-182, without capitals."
Tom has recently made the band Angels & Airwaves. They released there album "We Dont Need To Whisper" in 2006.

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