Robin Wright

Robin was born in Dallas, Texas but spent most of her childhood growing up in San Diego, California.
Her professional career began very early as a Teen Model.
When she graduated from High School she decided to switch her career from modeling to acting.
Her first major acting experience came at the age of 17 when she played “Barbara Anderson” in an episode of the weekly TV Drama series “The Yellow Rose” on 2 October 1983 which was also that shows’ debut/premier episode.
In 1986 she married Actor “Dane Witherspoon” who had met each other while filming the Soap Drama series “Santa Barbara” that aired on Monday through Friday at 3 PM on “ABC” but the couple divorced in 1988.
On 27 April 1996 she married Actor, Director, Producer and Writer “Sean Penn” and they have so far had 2 children together.