Lena Headey

played Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

- her world was turned upside down in 1984 when she learned her son would lead a future resistance.
- The terminator was sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, because of this John sent back his number one soldier Kyle Reese to protect her.
- Kyle eventually impregnated Sarah to whom she would bear the child known as John Connor.
- Kyle eventually died in his efforts to destroy the terminator, but succeeded in saving the future.
- Nobody believed Sarah when she told them about the terminators, the future, Kyle, and Skynet, and she was institutionalized.
- She escaped from the mental hospital with the help of her 13 year old son, John, and an old enemy turned ally, The Terminator.
- In her efforts to stop Skynet she killed Miles Dyson, and found an old arm from one of the terminators in 1984.
- After the death of The Terminator, and the T-1000, the Connor's believed they stopped Judgment Day once and for all.
- In 1999, they were still running, and after ending her relationship with Charlie Dixon in a bad way they moved to Kansas.
- They got caught and Cameron the new protector too them to the year 2007; soon to be 2008.
- They delayed Judgment day until 2011.