Season 1

1 :01x01 - Dream of Doom

A 40 year old associate professor, who is married but childless, is having trouble waking from his dreams. When he does finally wake, he finds himself trapped in another dream.
Guest Stars: Adam Arkin as Paul Danko | Peter Jason as The Priest | Keith Carradine as Arthur Bristol | Lin Shaye as The Nurse | Lolita Davidovich as Unkown | Gretchen Palmer as Unkown
Director: Walter Hill

2 :01x02 - Anatomy Lesson

In a small town, the coroner's son has an insatiable lust to kill but cannot go through with the murders because of an interfering bearded man.
Guest Stars: Jeremy London as Billy Rabe | Joanna Gleason as Mrs. Rabe | Jeff Fahey as Bearded Man | Jim Metzler as Unkown | Devon Odessa as Unkown | Justin Chapman as Little Billy Rabe | Ace Mask as Science Teacher
Director: Gilbert Adler

3 :01x03 - Boxed In

After spending two years stranded on an eroding fighter plane with a 'Barbie doll' android, a pilot happily comes home to his fiancee Dulcine, keeping his promise to remain faithful to her. Unfortunately he learns the daughter's father, the Admiral, has put an electronic chastity belt on her.
Guest Stars: Kevin Pollak as The Pilot | Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst as The Android | William Shatner as Admiral Kornfeld | Melanie Shatner as Dulcine | Brian Phillips as Soldier 1 | Mark Thompson (2) as Soldier 2
Director: William Shatner

4 :01x04 - The Exile

An insane but brilliant scientist, notorious for killing poor victims in his experiments, is arrested and tried in court. After his sentence of rehabilitation fails, he is exiled.
Guest Stars: Ron Perlman as 40132 | Jeffrey Combs as 50557 | Brian Brophy as Unkown | David Warner as Dr. Nordhoff | Oscar Dillon as Jailer | Craig Olsen as Lupitu
Director: William Malone

5 :01x05 - Given the Heir

After re-shaping her body to absolute perfection, a woman participates in an experiment that accidentally sends her ten years into the past. There she finds a man who is always demanding of perfection but does not appreciate her, ironically.
Guest Stars: Yancy Butler as Lisa Gerou | William McNamara as Nick Boyer | Paul Williams (1) as Dr. Mueller | David Leisure as William Tilbrook | Joey Buttafuoco as Frankie Carelli | Mark Folger as Scientist #1 | Doug Llewelyn as Calvin Patterson | Dennison Samaroo as Scientist #2 | Mark Ira Segal as Bank Guard

7 :01x07 - Panic

Containing many shocking twists, this episode opens at a Halloween costume party and tells the story of a panic caused by the theater production of 'War of the Worlds.'
Guest Stars: Chris Sarandon as Carson Walls | Edie McClurg as The Farmer's Wife | Laraine Newman as Becky | Harvey Korman as The Farmer | Jason Lee as Spaceman #1 | Bryce Ingman as Bad Sheet Ghost | Tracy Middendorf as Cheerleader | Steve Monroe as Gorilla | Kira Reed as Vampiress
Director: Tobe Hooper

8 :01x08 - Snap Ending

While studying a new planet, a mixed gender space crew find controlling their urges and anxieties is the biggest problem they face.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Hetrick as The Captain | Kathleen Wilhoite as Paula | Sean Astin as Taylor | Wil Wheaton as Bryan | Deborah Carlisle as Computer Voice
Director: Sean Astin

9 :01x09 - Ultimate Weapon

In an attempt to mate with a native Earth person, creatures from outer space change their form to match that of a human being.
Guest Stars: Paolo Seganti as Mike Calderone | Kim Myers as Selena | Mitchell Whitfield as Matt Solomon | Maria Cina as Tess
Director: Dean Lopata

10 :01x10 - The People's Choice

A war between robots has a suburban family caught in the crossfire. Their Nanna is damaged every single night, resulting in frequent visits from a repairman. He suggest they buy his new robot, the red, white, and blue patriot.
Guest Stars: Barry Williams as Neighbour | Maxine Bahns as Betty Sorensen | Patrick Cassidy as Todd Sorensen | Betty Murphy as Nanna | Debbie Lee Carrington as Alien #1 | Gary Friedkin as Alien #2 | Katherine Gaskin as Glenda | Olivia Hack as Jenna Sorensen
Director: Russell Mulcahy