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Season 2

23 :02x01 - Death Ride

Petrocelli finds himself in the middle of rodeo intrigue, is menaced by a vicious bull, ducks bullets, and some heated tempers to help absolve Gage Hurley,a nice-guy rodeo clown, of the murder of a broncobusting star. When the star is discovered murdered in his trailer, Hurley surprisingly admits he's guilty. Petrocelli accepts the defense and notices quickly that with Hurley nothing is what it seems.
Guest Stars: Ned Beatty as Gage Hurley | Diana Ewing as Dusty Stevens | Michael Bell (1) as Frank Kaiser | Ford Rainey as Hank Stevens | John Crawford as Billy Elwood | Gerald McRaney as Cliff Rediger | Don 'Red' Barry as Vern Baker
Director: Irving J. Moore

24 :02x02 - Mark of Cain

After receiving the unexpected visit of Richie Martin, an old chum, Tony learns his friend is no longer the harmless guy he used to know. By and by Martin is arrested on a murder rap and Tony grudgingly accepts to defend him.
Guest Stars: John Saxon as Ritchie Martin | Ken Swofford as Lieutenant Clifford | Paul Koslo as Morgan | John Henry Cox as Davis | John Leonelli as Edwards | Vincent Beck as Parker | Kimo Owens as Thomas | Carver Barnes as Connor | Hal Hundley as Clerk | Barry Dowell as Harris
Director: Leonard Katzman

25 :02x03 - Five Yards of Trouble

Ray Royer asks Tony Petrocelli to defend Charles, his uncle, arrested for murder. He stands accused of murdering a photographer. The motive lies unequivocally at hand: jealousy. Charles had recently learn his wife posed for the victim.
Guest Stars: Glenn Corbett as Charlie | Barbara Luna as Dorothy Royer | Robbie Rist as Ray Royer | H.M. Wynant as Brian Ramsdale | Angela Clarke (2) as Teresa Moran | Ron Foster as Alfred Woodward
Director: Joseph Pevney

26 :02x04 - Shadow of Fear

Sherril Brewster's anger gets assuaged at Petrocellis office. She confesses to have just shot her ex-husband Tom Archer. The lawyer learns that the young woman was threatened and blackmailed by this. On the police-station, a surprise awaits them: Alan Brewster, Sherril's second husband, was arrested meanwhile and accused of murder.
Guest Stars: Anne Archer as Sherril Brewster | William Windom as Alan Brewster | Warren J. Kemmerling as Lt. Carter | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Harry Silver | Victor Rendina as Apollo | John Henry Cox as Tom Archer | Paul C. Thomas as Laird | Eric Server as Waters
Director: Irving J. Moore

27 :02x05 - Chain of Command

Richard Oleson, a talented airline mechanic, has a disagreement with his boss, General Drew and gets fired promptly. Shortly afterward, Drew is found murdered and the suspicion falls on Oleson. A friend of the mechanic rushes to hire Petrocelli.
Guest Stars: Rosemary DeCamp as Mrs. Drew | Warren Stevens as General Drew | Kenneth Tobey as Mr. Strafford | Francesca Jarvis as Mrs. Strafford | John Ritter as John Cleson | Lee Montgomery as Freddie | Lin McCarthy as Leo Shane | John Lupton as Billy Hanson

28 :02x06 - To See No Evil

Julie Carter, a blind woman, shoots down an alleged burglar. To her dismay, she finds that the crook is her boyfriend Buddy Richards. Since the two had a fierce dispute shortly before no one believes her version of a tragic accident. No sooner Petrocelli has taken over the case that he begins to receive anonymous threats.
Guest Stars: Julie Kavner as Julie Carter | Michael Bell (1) as Frank Kaiser | Steve Sandor as Robert Jarvis | Robert Symonds as Martin Waldman | Erica Hagen as Shirley Miller | Marian O. Gibson as Lucille Duncan | Fred Ashley as Fred Ash | David Hatton as John Saffro
Director: Irving J. Moore

29 :02x07 - Terror on Wheels

Petrocelli has not exactly an easy task, the eloquent immigrant Dimitri Petrakis stands accused of having murdered a motorcycle-gang member who tried to attack his daughter. For Petrocelli is the case very tricky, because all the evidence speak against his client.
Guest Stars: Ayn Ruymen as Katie Petrakis | John Colicos as Dimitri Petrakis | Kipp Whitman as Nick Fenton | Annette O'Toole as Tina | Gerald McRaney as Terry Santo | Tiny Wells as Tiny | Don Starr as Judge Watson | Moe Mosley as Moe | Kimo Owens as Jed | Paul Roland as Jennings

30 :02x08 - The Gamblers

Petrocelli is defending 17-year-old Mando Rivera, the only suspect of having killed his boss Benton, the pizzeria owner. As it turns out that the restaurateur was working as a bookie, the lawyer thinks he knows where he has to look for the true perpetrator .
Guest Stars: Monika Ramirez as Teresa Rivera | A. Martinez as Mando Rivera | John Lupton as Billy Hanson | Charles Young (1) as Joe Malone | Mark Hamill as Dennis Wylie | Jack Ging as James Wylie | Linda Garcia as Maria | Freddie G. Machado as Juan | Eugene Kelly (1) as Al Benton | Don Starr as Judge Watson | Gloria LeRoy as Ms. Molly Ames
Writer: John Hudock

31 :02x09 - Terror by the Book

Tony Petrocelli accepts the defence of Emily Burke. She is accused of having murdered the bestseller-author Mark Orland, because he was about to publish piquant details about her past. Best-selling Mark Orland, author of sensational novels, plans a new book-all too revealing- about the past lives of three old friends. When he turns up slain, Petrocelli finds himself defending a woman charged with his murder and with every reason to wish him dead. His investigations lead to the discovery that several other people would have wished the author dead.
Guest Stars: Anne Francis as Emily Burke | Dewey Martin as Bill Whitehead | Michael Bell (1) as Frank Kaiser | Ned Wilson as Roy Burke | Bing Russell as John | S. John Launer as Franklin | Mary Dusay Perine as Eve Orland | Wayne Waterhouse as Kelly
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Jeff Myrow

32 :02x10 - Face of Evil

The comedienne Mary Wade hires Petrocelli for the defense of her twin-sister Jane. She's being accused of having murdered a foreign man in a cheap and crummy hotel. Jane can remember nothing, though. Petrocelli assumes the seemingly hopeless case and comes across a surprising result.
Guest Stars: Kay Lenz as Mary Wade/Jane Wade | Robert F. Lyons as Sam Johnson | Lucille Benson as Madge Briar | Fred Beir as John Kelly | Sandy Rosenthal as Dr. Robert Koblin | Fred Ashley as Hoffler | Henry Max Kendrick as Doc Simpson | Norman Stone as Wallace | Arnold Jeffers as Judge Grumbein | Shirley Poliakoff as Thelma
Director: Irving J. Moore

33 :02x11 - Too Many Alibis

Petrocelli believes his client, Dr. Dave Hill, to be innocent of the slaying of the hospital chief of staff, but everyone else involved in the case has an airtight alibi.
Guest Stars: Robert Hooks as Dr. Dave Hill | Bettye Ackerman as Ann Hendricks | Susan Sullivan as Janet Wilson | Gloria Calomee as Cobbie Hill | Sally Kirkland as Joan Arnold | Gino Ardito as Bill Thomas | Marian O. Gibson as Emily Nolan | Riley Hill as Dr. Allen Mitchell | Frank Kennedy as Dr, Wilbur Hendricks

34 :02x12 - A Deadly Vow

Lauren Edwards asks Petrocelli about the penalties for homicide, telling him she is going to do away with Allan Edwards, her husband, but when he is actually slain she claims to be innocent.
Guest Stars: Rosemary Forsyth as Lauren Edwards | Steve Blood as Alan Edwards | Salome Jens as Leah Barnes | Warren J. Kemmerling as Lt. Carter | David Davidson as Ginny Morgan | Alan Landers as Jeff Morgan | Len Wayland as Jack Mayhew | Moe Mosley as Officer
Director: Irving J. Moore

35 :02x13 - The Falling Star

Tony Petrocelli accepts the defense of his youth idol, the film star Dusty Rhodes. Dusty is suspect of having murdered the film producer Mannie Tyler . Although some evidence inculpates him, the actor insists firmly on his innocence.
Guest Stars: Ken Curtis as Harry Underwood | Susan Dey as Jenny Halliday | George Petrie as Mannie Tyler | Francine York as Lisa Farley | Lawrence Casey as Himself | Frank Aletter as Dusty Rhodes
Director: Russ Mayberry

36 :02x14 - Survival

Carol Janssen asks Tony Petrocelli for help. Her husband Don was arrested in the border-city of Santa Rosita because apparently he had stolen money from an office-safe. The alleged perpetrator succeeds in convincing Petrocelli of his innocence. The lawyer adopts the case until suddenly things take a dangerous turn.
Guest Stars: Christopher Connelly as Don Janssen | Cindy Williams as Carol Janssen | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Paul Morgan | René Enríquez as Hank Morales | Moe Mosley as Moe | Brian Libby as Mc Laird | Troy Melton as White | Ron Burke as Driver | James Gavin as Helicopter Pilot
Director: Art Fisher

37 :02x15 - The Night Visitor

Ed Parker breaks into Petrocellis office and leaves a sealed envelope. Petrocelli pursues the matter. He drives to Parker's apartment where he finds his corpse. The police come in this moment. Petrocelli is arrested since he's considered to be one of Parker's murderers.
Guest Stars: Thayer David as Arnold Mac Iver | Joan Van Ark as Chris Parker | Phillip Pine as Ed Parker | Ken Swofford as Lt. John Clifford | Moe Mosley as Moe | Neil Summers as Hood #1 | Charles Young (1) as Hood #2 | Kimo Owens as Hood #3
Director: Robert Scheerer

38 :02x16 - Blood Money

Petrocelli reluctantly takes part in a fraternity prank and goes to exchange ransom money for wealthy student Andy Warburton's freedom, but instead he finds the 'kidnappers' unconscious and indications that the 'victim' has really been abducted.
Guest Stars: Denver Pyle as Andrew Warburton | Nicholas Hammond as Whitey | Andrew Rubin as Doc | Susanne Zenor as Gigio Laverne | James Gammon as Harry | Timothy Scott as Gus | Darrell Larson as Al | James Daughton as Andy Warburton III
Director: Irving J. Moore

39 :02x17 - Any Number Can Die

Paul Andrews turns up at his old pal Petrocelli, and hands him an envelope. He asks Tony to deliver it to a person should anything happen to him, Andrews is fearing for his life but reveals no more details. Later the addressee is found murdered and the plot thickens.
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (1) as John Flemming | Joshua Bryant as Paul Andrews | Mark Gordon as Frank Keegan | Gwynne Gilford as Jean Andrews | Francesca Jarvis as Joan McCarthy
Director: Leonard Katzman

40 :02x18 - Six Strings of Guilt

Pete becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a hood who threatened to testify against Pete's girl friend ,Sally Barnes.
Guest Stars: Ward Costello as Thomas Barnes | Tammy Harrington as Judy Barnes | Martin Kove as Frank Harris | Joanna Miles as Sally Barnes | Wayne Tippet as Will Lewis | Claire Brennen as Georgia | Eddie Quillan as Drunk | Moe Mosley as Moe | Maxine & Franklin Brown as Leo Miles
Director: Don Weis
Writer: John Hudock

41 :02x19 - Deadly Journey

Petrocelli takes Lucille Davis, who is recalling their old days as hitchhiker on the road, in his car. But when they arrive in San Remo, Lucille is arrested for murder. The employer of her son Joey has been shot. Petrocelli is convinced of her innocence and begins to investigate.
Guest Stars: Alan Vint as Joey Davis | Lucille Benson as Lucille Davis | Marion Ross as Janet Williamson | Lynn Borden as Susan | M.P. Murphy as Jack Keefe | Deborah White as Ellen Williamson | Ron Foster as Ray | Paul Roland as Phil Bass | Brian Libby as Bill | Jeff Allin as Charlie
Director: Paul Lynch

42 :02x20 - The Pay Off

Maggie Petrocelli's uncle is accused of murdering a prostitute.
Guest Stars: Dabney Coleman as unknown | Victor French as unknown
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Mann Rubin

43 :02x21 - Shadow of a Doubt

Petrocelli faces disbarrment whan he's accused of bribing a prosecution witness to testify in favor of his client — an alleged murderer.
Guest Stars: Katherine Helmond as Nancy Berwick | Tim Matheson as Mike Fisher | William Prince as Judge Anderson | Harold Gould as Haskell Fox

44 :02x22 - Jubilee Jones

Petrocelli defends an entertainer who is arrested on stage for the murder of his night-club manager
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 11, 1974
Ended: March 03, 1976
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