The Magician - Recap

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The Kit Walker’s (aka the Phantom) Aunt Heloise is alone in a room, looking at a hologram of a man dressed in a magicians outfit.

Meanwhile Sagan Cruz is watching footage from 20 years ago of the Phantom (this being Kit’s father, the 23rd Phantom) Sagan compares the footage to a recent video of the Phantom (the 24th Phantom, Kit) and she wonders if they are two different Phantoms.
Sagan notices a man in a Magician’s outfit (the same man Heloise was looking at a hologram of previously) and sees if she can find a match on his identity.

At a Maximum Inc base Graft is tracking Sagan’s via his computer and he also decides to try and find the identity of the magician, believing it will get him a step closer to finding out the secret identity of the Phantom.

Graft calls Mr. Cairo and tells him to track down the name and address on the mysterious man.

Meanwhile the Phantom is climbing a Maximum Inc building to do some surveillance work on Max Inc. Phantom is in stealth mode and trying to avoid being seen by security. All of a sudden Mr. Cairo appears next to the Phantom and asks him if he knows the identity of the magician.
Mr. Cairo’s presence alerts the buildings security of an intruder and some biots’ appear and start to fire at the Phantom.

Elsewhere Rebecca and Maxwell Junior are talking to the Computer containing Maxwell Seniors brain patterns (and memories).
Graft appears to tell them that they have found someone that is linked to the Phantom, but not even Sagan Cruz and Mr Cairo can identify who the mystery man is.

Suddenly the Computer of Max Senior starts to talk, but the words he says are either babble or cryptic. Eventually Rebecca understands that Max Senior knows the identity of the Magician, and he tells everyone that his name is ‘Steel’.

Pleased with the computer containing her dead husband’s brain pattern, Rebecca tells Graft to carry on investigating and if he finds anything to report back to the computer of Max Senior.

Mr Cairo appears at Sagan’s apartment and tells her that she needs to find Steel before Graft does, he tells her not to rely on computers but any files that the Enforcers have.
Sagan then goes to Enforcer police station and checks their archives. She finds a file on Steel from 1995.

Then in a room at Steel’s Mansion, Steel is talking to a lady when Graft and Maxwell Junior knock down his door and appear telling him to take them to the Phantom.

Graft then tells the woman to leave, but when he looks again she has disappeared. Then Steel uses his magic powers to create a monster. The monster attacks Graft and Maxwell Senior with a laser blast from its mouth, so Maxwell Senior and Graft retreat because they know they are out matched.

The woman reappears and asks Steel what happened. To which he replies,

Steel: You need not remember any of it my dear. But it is clear that someone has remembered far too much about me.

Meanwhile at the Phantom’s lair Kit sits in a chair asleep. He is awoken by the by the intruder alert. He changes into the Phantom and goes to investigate. Steel is walking about the Phantoms lair casually and Phantom sees him. Phantom tries to capture him with his rope but misses and goes after him on foot.

It becomes clear that Steel knew Phantom’s father after he makes a comment about him, then Steel tell Phantom that he is in great danger.

At Maximum Inc headquarters the computer containing the brain pattern (and memories) of Maxwell Senior tells Graft, and Maxwell Junior that Steel tricked them with an allusion earlier when they saw the monster at Steel’s house. Graft readies an army of biots’ to go after Steel.

Back at the Phantom’s lair Steel tells Phantom (aka Kit) that he used to be his father’s ally when he was the Phantom. Steel used to make sure that Kit’s father was safe by using his tricks and allusions against villains. He then tells Kit that he designed the Phantom suit and built-in technology that he current wears.

Guran walks in on their conversation and he and Steel talk about the loss of Kit’s father. Heloise then walks in and is happy to see Steel as the two were romantically involved in the past.

Steel tells Kit that his mansion is full of things that can link him to the Phantom, and the Walker family.

Phantom, Steel, Guran, and Heloise go to Steel’s mansion. Steel takes them in through the hidden entrance, Steel tells Phantom that he has something for him called ‘Hero’.

Graft and his army of biots’ are waiting outside Steel’s mansion and wonder how Phantom and Steel have managed to pass by them unseen. He decides to wait for them to come out and then attack them.
Steel reveals to Phantom that ‘Hero’ is a high-tech Mustang convertible car, named after Kit’s great grandfather’s horse.

Graft decides to launch an attack on Steel’s mansion. Steel disappears into a wardrobe and dresses in his magicians outfit. Steel then confronts Graft, who is attempting to break into a wall safe, and then creates two monsters to scare Graft again. Graft is not as easily afraid this time and sees through the trick with the use of an artificial vision system.

Steel then uses a different kind of magic from his wand to create dozens of Phantom’s that launch them selves at Graft. Each one disappearing in a cloud of smoke as they hit Graft’s armour.

With only one allusion of the Phantom remaining for Graft to dispose of he starts to walk over to Steel. The remaining Phantom launches himself at Graft’s armour legs and breaks it. This is not an allusion of the Phantom, but the real Phantom.

Steel is glad to see Phantom and the two proceed to collect all of the information that could reveal Kit to be the Phantom. Guran notices on the security monitor that Graft and his army of biots’ are regrouping and warns the others.

Phantom, Steel, Guran, and Heloise get into Hero and activate Phantom mode which makes the car become a hover-car. Graft and his army close in on the Phantom’s group, so they escape in the car and leave the mansion.

The car starts to fly back and passes back over the mansion destroying it with laser blasts. The mansion and everything inside of it sets on fire.

Phantom, Steel, Guran and Heloise watch from a safe distance as the mansion goes up in flames, Sagan Cruz turns up in her car and asks the Phantom if he is the only Phantom, or whether there have been others before him.
But Phantom answers by saying that: if he told her then he would lose his mystery and magic.

The episode ends with Heloise and Steel hiding inside of Hero and sharing a touching moment, as they hold hands and then Steel produces a flower for Heloise using his magic.