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Planet of the Apes: Escape From Tomorrow

Two astronauts, Virdon and Burke, are thrown through a time warp in space and end up on a planet ruled by apes in the year 3085.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: B-503
Airdate: Friday September 13th, 1974

Director: Don Weis
Writer: Art Wallace

Starring Roles
Mark LenardMark Lenard
As General Urko
Booth ColmanBooth Colman
As Dr. Zaius

Guest Stars
Royal DanoRoyal Dano
As Farrow

Co-Guest Stars
Bobby PorterBobby Porter
As Aron
Biff ElliotBiff Elliot
As Ullman
William BeckleyWilliam Beckley
As Grundig
Jerome ThorJerome Thor
As Proto

Ron SteinRon Stein
As Turvo
Main Cast
Ron HarperRon Harper
As Alan Virdon
James NaughtonJames Naughton
As Peter Burke


In a forest, an old man dressed in homespun is forced to climb up a tree when a dog attacks him. The dog’s owner shows up: a humanoid ape boy. However, a spaceship crashes near by, scaring both of them. The boy, Arno, runs away with his dog and the old man, Farrow, goes to investigate. The ship’s door open and he climbs inside to find three men: one is dead and the other two unconscious...

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Episode Notes
Bobby Porter (Aron) previously played Cornelius, Caesar's son, in Battle for the Planet of the Apes, the fifth and final film in the series.

Episode Quotes
Veska: If humans could build and fly a [spaceship] like this, they'd begin to think they're as good as we are!

Alan: What makes us enemies? We haven't done anything.
Urko: Your ambitions are enemies! Your thoughts are enemies!
Peter: What's your name, pal? Hitler? Stalin? Mussolini?

Zaius: You're fools, you know that. You could have been out of the city by now.
Peter: He saved our lives – you expect us to leave him here to die?
Zaius: You're strange humans.

Episode Goofs
The date of the crash shown here (March 31, 3085) doesn't correspond with the date shown in the opening credits (June 14, 3085).

Whether due to the relatively low budget, or deliberate intent, or both, the show takes great pains to use aspects from the movies and establish itself as part of that continuity. The most noticeable is Roddy McDowell, who appears in four of the five Ape movies playing a chimpanzee. Zaius the orangutan appears here, although clearly not the same character from the first two movies because of the timeframe. The spaceship mockup from the first three movies is used here for the astronaut's spacecraft. And finally, footage of Ape City from the first two movies is used here as stock footage for Central City where Zaius and Urko are set up.

Other Episode Crew

Main Title ThemeLalo Schifrin
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