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The Trap - Recap

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The trio are fleeing for their lives from Urko and his men and manage to lose them temporarily by sending fake heliograph signals. They take refuge in a village and the astronauts notice that a girl, Mary, is wearing a necklace made out of electrical components. She tells them she found it in a nearby city that belonged to humans back before they were wiped out, but the villagers warn them not to go there because of the frequent earthquakes.

The trio heads into the ruined city and Urko then arrives in the village. Interrogating the humans and spotting the necklace, he figures they went into the city and goes in after them. He takes a squad in and attempts to capture them, and corners Pete in the street.. However, an earthquake shakes the place, causing the concrete beneath them to break and dumping them into an abandoned subway station.

Pete desperately tries to get Urko to cooperate despite his prejudice against human. He eventually manages to convince him only by lying and telling him that apes built the place. Urko reluctantly decides to work with him to dig their way out.

Alan and Galen manages to convince Urko’s gorilla underlines to help them recover both of the trapped men. Their leader, Zalo, reluctantly gives his word that they have a truce and will release the trio once Urko is safe. Alan uses his knowledge of pulleys and fulcrums to set up a wench to left the debris out. Below, Pete and Urko slowly start to get free but their air is running out. Unknown to the astronaut, Urko finds a zoo poster showing apes in cages and hides his discovery.

Alan and the gorillas manages to clear the debris, but Urko shows Pete the poster and attacks him, swearing that the knowledge of the ape’s subservience can never be released. Pete manages to shock him unconscious with an electrical wire, then hauls him to the surface. The stunned Urko manages to tell Zalo to kill the fugitives before dropping unconscious. Zalo considers the order… then keeps his word and lets the trio escape the city.