The Deception - Recap

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In an ape community, the citizenry bury Lucian, a favorite of all. His blind daughter Fauna mourns while swearing vengeance on the humans who her uncle Sestus says attacked and killed her father. Prefect Perdix swears to bring the killers to justice, but refuses to let the other apes proposal vigilante action.

Alan, Pete, and Galen are passing through when they spot hooded dragoons attacking a human house and killing the occupant. Too late to do anything, they decide to investigate the matter and go to Lucian’s house. They meet Fauna on the cliffs and soon realize she’s blind. Which is fortunate because she professes her hatred of humans. Alan and Pete are forced to pass themselves off as chimpanzees and she takes them to their house while her uncle is away until sunset. She is drawn to Pete, whose voice reminds her of a childhood sweetheart. She talks about how Lucian loved books and read to her, and almost touches Pete. When Sestus arrives she takes them to a secret cave that her and her sweetheart used as children. There she asks to feel Pete’s face, and Galen is forced to substitute in. Once she leaves, the guys come up with a plan: someone will have to infiltrate the dragoons, and the only one qualified is a reluctant Galen.

Galen goes out on the road and when Sestus drives by, claims that humans attacked him and stole his horse. A sympathetic Sestus gives him a lift and Galen embellishes his story with tales of how he and the other apes drove the humans out of their community. Sestus is impressed and offers to take Galen to a special meeting. Alan follows from behind.

Pete returns to the beach near the cave where he talks to Fauna and she asks him to tell her some stories. He tells her the tale of Robinson Crusoe substituting an ape for the human Crusoe. Galen is introduced to the dragoons and Sestus promises that their leader will arrive that night to induct him into the group. Alan tries to get past a gorilla guard and is spotted, but manages to beat the guy and confirm where the headquarters is.

Alan links back up with Pete, who reveals that Lucian kept a journal in the cave and met with humans there to pass on knowledge. Galen returns to the house and he and Fauna talk about Pete. Fauna admits she’s in love with Pete, shocking Galen. He insists it isn’t possible and almost blurts out that Pete is human. He storms out and goes to the cave where he has a touchy conversation with the astronaut. Pete finally realizes something is up and is surprised that Fauna could even love him. Galen cools off and Pete goes to explain things with Fauna. He tries to use the story of blind Isaac and the deception his son Jacob played on him, but Fauna doesn’t follow and Pete is forced to announce they will be leaving and she’ll never hear him again.

Pete and Allen go to Perdix to try to get his help against the dragoons, but he ends up capturing them and locking them up for the night. Meanwhile, Galen joins the group and meets their hooded leader. He tries to get them to the beach by saying he spotted the two humans there, but they decide to wait until morning and promises that Galen will have his opportunity to kill one.

Galen then slips away and goes to the jail, where Perdix is demanding answers from the two astronauts. When they can’t prove the dragoons are still at the headquarters, he prepares to lock them back up but Galen bursts in with a hood and frees them. Galen and Pete head back to Lucian’s house while Alan takes Perdix to the beach where the dragoons are. He gives Perdix his gun back and rides off, trusting the gorilla’s oath to his office.

Perdix confronts the dragoons and quickly recognizes the leader as his lieutenant, Zon. Zon refuses to back down and prepares to shoot Perdix, shocking the other apes who are only interested in killing humans. They’re interrupted when Fauna falls off the cliff above and into the water. Pete and Alan go to her rescue but she touches Pete’s face and realizes he’s human. Shocked, she screams out her hatred for humanity and a guilty Sestus admits that Zon accidentally killed Lucian during an argument and the humans weren’t responsible. The other dragoons take off their hoods and walk away in disgust.

Later, a repentant Sestus invites the trio to stay but they have to move on. Pete gives Fauna one last kiss before leaving.