Season 4

118 :04x01 - Target for Three

Three Revolutionaries in a Latin American country are given the task of assassinating its president.
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Vincente | George C. Scott as Juan | Marisa Pavan as Consuelo | Liliane Montevecchi as Estrella | Dale Evans as guest star | H.M. Wynant as guest star | Pedro Armendariz as Montez

119 :04x02 - The Sounds of Eden

When a wealthy man is kidnapped the story is told from his viewpoint as well as those of the kidnappers, his family, and the FBI.
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Anderson | Kim Hunter as Mrs. Anderson | Everett Sloane as Lawson | Henry Jones (1) as Jess Brown | Martin Landau as McCormick | Dick Foran as Brady

120 :04x03 - Misalliance

An airplane pilot, his passenger, and a militant socialist all enter the lives of an English country gentleman and his family.
Guest Stars: Claire Bloom as Hypatia | Robert Morley as John Tarleton | Siobhan McKenna as Lina | Kenneth Haigh as Gunner | Rod Taylor as Joey | John Williams (1) as Lord Summerly | Isobel Elsom as Mrs. Tarleton | Robert Casper as Bentley | Patrick Macnee as Johnny
Director: Robert Stevens

121 :04x04 - The Hidden Image

A gubernatorial election campaign is disrupted by newspaper reports digging into the relationship between a political boss and an influential businessman.
Guest Stars: Franchot Tone as Avery Yarbrough | Martin Gabel as George Barrow | Nancy Marchand as Mrs. Yarbrough | George Grizzard as Leo Portnoy | Frank Maxwell as Tommy Atwell
Writer: David Karp

122 :04x05 - The Grey Nurse Said Nothing

In Australia, a man is charged with murder despite the absence of a corpse.
Guest Stars: Ann Todd as Laura Mills | Hugh Griffith as Reverend Light | Angela Lansbury as Hazel Wills | Don Dubbins as Bluey | Michael David as Herbert Wills | Patricia Cutts as Mavis Greenhop | Paul Comi as Patrick Aherne | Tony Haig as Boy
Director: Ron Winston

123 :04x06 - The Tunnel

A Union officer devises a plan to end a Civil War battle quickly by tunneling under Confederate forces and filling the tunnel with dynamite.
Guest Stars: Richard Boone as Colonel Pleasants | Rip Torn as Lt. Douty | Onslow Stevens as General Burnside | Jack Weston as Wocziki | Ken Lynch as Sgt. Reese | Robert Carson as General Meade | Sandy Kenyon as Martinson | Bartlett Robinson as Captain Handley | Sam Edwards as Confederate Corporal | Frank Killmond as Gorcey | Jason Wingreen as Blair | Oliver McGowan as General Ledlie | Tom McKee as General Potter | Stephen Chase as General Wilcox | James Gavin as General Ferraro | Jay Overholts as Litter Bearer | Fletcher Allen as Orderly | Edward Faulkner as Soldier | Hal Needham as Soldier
Director: Delbert Mann

124 :04x07 - The Silver Whistle

A man claiming to be 77 years old but looking much younger arrives at a Florida retirement home. He promises to make all the residents there feel years younger and begins by blowing a silver whistle.
Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Oliver Erwenter | Henry Jones (1) as Emmett | Bethel Leslie as Miss Tripp | Harry Townes as Reverend Watson | Doro Merande as Miss Hammer | Margaret Hamilton as Miss Hoadley | Enid Markey as Mrs. Samples | Zamah Cunningham as Mrs. Gross | Joseph Sweeney as Cherry | Arthur Hughes as Beebe

125 :04x08 - John Brown's Raid

Teleplay about the 1859 raid on the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry by abolitionist John Brown.
Guest Stars: James Mason as John Brown | Robert Duvall as guest star | Ossie Davis as guest star | Terry Carter (1) as guest star
Director: Sidney Lumet

126 :04x09 - A Dream of Treason

A State Department press secretary receives secret orders to release a confidential memo which might lead to an international crisis.
Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as Martin Lambert | Leora Dana as Eleanor Lambert | John Williams (1) as Walter Ferguson | Susan Oliver (1) as Valerie Ferguson

127 :04x10 - To the Sound of Trumpets

An AWOL British officer in Paris during World War I meets an American nurse and is disturbed by her romantic attitude towards the war.
Guest Stars: Stephen Boyd as Captain Cronyn | Dolores Hart as Janet Marshall | Judith Anderson as Madame Duvier | Boris Karloff as Guibert | Dan O'Herlihy as Roger Smythe | Sam Jaffe as Schiller | Robert Coote as Sgt. Beggs | Peter Foster as Henley
Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: John Gay

128 :04x11 - The Cruel Day

In Algeria, a French army captain is faced with having to use torture to obtain information about the rebel guerillas who slaughtered an Algerian family.
Guest Stars: Van Heflin as Captain | Cliff Robertson as Lieutenant | Phyllis Thaxter as Nicole | Raymond Massey as Father Ricquoi | Charles Bronson as Sergeant | Peter Lorre as Cafe Owner | Nehemiah Persoff as Father | Thano Rama as Algerian Boy | Miko Oscard as Michel | Adeline De Walt Reynolds as Old Woman

129 :04x12 - Tomorrow

A laconic and solitary farmer encounters a pregnant young girl, cares for her, and when she dies in childbirth raises the son she delivers. Then, years later, the woman's relatives come to claim the child.
Guest Stars: Richard Boone as Jackson Fentry | Kim Stanley as Sarah Eubanks | Charles Aidman as Thornton Douglas | Chill Wills as Pruitt | Beulah Bondi as Mrs. Hulie | Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Pruitt | Andrew Prine as Isham | Peter Oliphant as Longstreet Ferry
Director: Robert Mulligan
Writer: Horton Foote

130 :04x13 - The Hiding Place

Two downed British airmen are kept prisoners in a cellar for seven years by a German shopkeeper who keeps informing them of the latest Third Reich victories in what he claims is still an on-going war.
Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as guest star | James Mason as Hans Frick | Kim Hunter as Maria | Helmut Dantine as Colonel | Robert Emhardt as Neusel | Bsail Langton (1) as Sanders | Dick Cavett as guest star | Trevor Howard as Robert Wilson
Director: Sidney Lumet
Writer: Adrian Spies

131 :04x14 - Journey to the Day

In a state mental hospital, a psychiatrist brings together six patients for group therapy.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Endicott | Mary Astor as Helen May Whitfield | Mike Nichols as Arthur Millman | Steven Hill (1) as Dr. Gutera | Janice Rule as Karen Andrews | James Dunn as Melvin Cooper | Peter Votrian as Billy King | Vivian Nathan as Martha Kowalski | David J. Stewart as guest star | Helen Kleeb as guest star
Writer: Roger Hirson

132 :04x15 - Alas, Babylon

A man living in a small Florida town is warned by his brother that nuclear war is only hours away.
Guest Stars: Rita Moreno as Rita | Kim Hunter as Helen Bragg | Don Murray as Randy Bragg | Dana Andrews (2) as Mark Bragg | Barbara Rush as Liz | Everett Sloane as Dr. Gunn | Don Gordon as Pete | Robert Crawford, Jr. as Richard | Gina Gillespie as Laura | Burt Reynolds as Ace | Judith Evelyn as Lavinia
Director: Robert Stevens

133 :04x16 - The Shape of the River

in 1893, author Mark Twain embarks upon an around the world lecture tour in order to pay off his debts and escape bankruptcy.
Guest Stars: Franchot Tone as Samuel Clemens | Leif Erickson as Wiliam Dean Howells | Katharine Bard as Livy Clemens | Shirley Knight as Susy Clemens | Nancy Rennick as Clara Clemmons | Katherine Squire as Katie | Larry Gates as Henry Rogers | Philip Coolidge as Albert Bigelow Paine | James Bell (2) as John Briggs | Jane Mcarthur as Jane Clemens
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Horton Foote

134 :04x17 - In the Presence of Mine Enemies

During World War II, in Warsaw's Jewish ghetto, a rabbi struggles to hold his flock together and communicate to them his own courage and faith.
Guest Stars: Charles Laughton as Rabbi Adam Heller | Arthur Kennedy as Paul Keller | Susan Kohner as Rachel Heller | Oskar Homolka as Josef Chinik | George Macready as Captain Richter | Sam Jaffe as Emmanuel | Robert Redford as Sgt. Lott | Otto Waldis as Kohn | Bernard Kates as Israel | Norbert Schiller as Doctor
Director: Fielder Cook
Writer: Rod Serling
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Premiere: October 04, 1956
Ended: May 18, 1960
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