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Pokémon Chronicles: Training Daze

Jessie tells us how she became friends with James and Meowth and how they became members of Team Rocket.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x13
Production Number: 13
Airdate: Saturday August 19th, 2006

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)

Guest Stars
Mike PollockMike Pollock
voiced Drill Seargent Viper
Ted Lewis (2)Ted Lewis (2)
voiced Giovanni , Team Rocket Trainee


Team Rocket has falling from the sky because they have blasted off again. All 3 of the complain of how they are always losing. James starts to look for something. While he does, his bottle caps fall out of his pocket. James sees one bottle cap left stuck on Meowth. He takes it and examines it. Jessie takes a look at it and it appears to be a bottle cap from their training days. Jessie says that it brings back memories and she remembers one of her days...

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Episode Notes
In the original verison before she was partnered with James and Meowth, we learn that Jessie has lost twelve teammates, In the dub she's gone through ten.

The mission to see who would become agents was to see who could capture the red Snorlax.

This episode shows how Team Rocket came together

This marks the 2nd time Jesse and James appear in Pokemon Chronicles and the 3rd for Cassidy and Butch.

Part of the Double Trouble (Team Rocket) song is played during the break in scenes,like in the scenes when Jessie and James were trying to get to the Red Snorlax.

Jessie, James, and Meowth are grouped together and become official members of Team Rocket

Butch, Cassidy, and Raticate are grouped together and become official members of Team Rocket

Jessie reads the title card.

Cassidy used to get Butch's name wrong at first.

In Other Languages
: L'accademia Team Rocket

Episode Quotes
Jessie: You'd better pull your own weight. I'm not going to carry you.
James: Ha! No one's had to carry me since my momma!

Cassidy: Let's go, Butch!
Butch: (angrily) It's not Butch, it's... oh wait, that's right!

Episode Goofs
Giovanni had Persian prior to Meowth's arrival. Yet in the first season Pokemon episode Battle Aboard the St. Anne, Meowth was incredibly shocked to see Giovanni petting a Persian beside him.

The part where Jessie and James met doesn't make sense as they knew each other before they joined Team Rocket. They attempted to enter the Pokemon Tech School together and were once part of a bike gang

In the Pokémon episode The Breeding Center Secret, James did not know who Cassidy was, yet in this episode James meets Cassidy as well as Butch in training.

Apparently, Giovanni has had his Persian, prior to Meowth's joining of Team Rocket. Which would mean that Meowth was never Giovanni's favorite.

While the Rocket Grunt tells Giovanni about Meowth and introduces him in the Japanese version, the English version makes the Rocket Grunt say that Meowth insisted on seeing Giovanni.

The English version of the campfire scene is completely rewritten to have James tell Jessie that they would make a great team, with Meowth ordering something to eat in his sleep. In the Japanese version, James tells Jessie that he's actually run away from a lot of things in his life. Jessie then talks about how she's always been alone. The two then vow to look towards the future, as Meowth agrees in his sleep.

In the dub, when they meet each other, Jessie calls James by his name and tells him that she's not going to carry him through the training, and James replies with "No one's carried me since my momma!" In the original, Jessie doesn't call James by his name and tells him that she's already gone through twelve teammates. James interrupts Jessie, wags his finger, and says that he's not interested in the other trainees who failed before him.

Cultural References
In the flashback, Jessie, James and Meowth are each given a pack with water, a loaf of bread and presumably, a tool.

This alludes to the novel and movie Battle Royale where a class of 9th graders are stuck on an island for three days with a day pack with the same contents until only one survives.

The demeanor of Jessie and James in this episode was reminiscint of Train, star of popular Shonen Jump manga, Black Cat ,as Train is also portrayed as an antihero

The title"Training Daze",is a parody of award winning movie,"Training Day".

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