The Woman Problem - Recap

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The episode begins with Bud being interviewed by a news channel. Elaine meanwhile is busy with her presidential campaign that Bud is basically supporting. Later Elaine tells Douglas to “wrangle” his father and keep him on script, so he doesn’t shoot his mouth off, while campaigning for her. Back in the present, Susan is asked by her editor, if Elaine is planning to run for president. Susan despite knowing that Elaine is planning to run for president pretends to dismiss it as idle chatter. She also tells him that, the fact is Garcetti’s team is worried that Elaine might run for the president and is hence preparing for a preemptive strike. Later Elaine and Margaret are surprised to know that, Thomas’s night club plan is still going through.

He tells them that, his celebrity is worth millions; hence he didn’t have to invest any money. Elaine then tells her mother and Thomas that, she is considering running for president again, and too against Garcetti. Margaret makes it clear that, she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Thomas though is supportive of the idea. Later Bud walks in, much to Douglas and Thomas’s surprise. Bud tells Elaine how he will help her with her campaign. Elaine then decides to send both her sons with Bud, in order to assist him. Later Elaine tells Douglas that, she knows he gave Thomas the money for his nightclub. Later, Douglas tells his fiancé that, he doesn’t think his mother can win against Garcetti. The editor meanwhile tells Susan that, as a preemptive strike Garcetti is squeezing Justice Nash off the bench.

He further tells her that he wants to nominate Elaine for Nash’s position. He tells her that he got the information from a high level source in the White House. Susan later tells her assistant to get Elaine’s office on the line. Bud meanwhile meets a guy who he trusts can crunch the numbers and tell him if, Elaine has a realistic possibility of beating Garcetti in the primary. Susan meanwhile tells Elaine the story she will be running, but also tells her that she can’t guarantee that the story won’t get leaked out first. She also tells Elaine that she doesn’t approve of what Garcetti is doing, by squeezing Nash off the bench using Elaine as leverage. Elaine thanks Susan for telling her the news. Susan in turn promises her that she will try to hold off this story as long as she can.

She in the end tells Elaine that once this news is out, every reporter would want to know if she is actually planning to run for the president. Douglas meanwhile flashes back to Elaine’s previous campaign and to a party hosted by Thomas. Douglas is shown taking ecstasy along with Anne, so he can enjoy the party. He then under the influence of ecstasy is shown proposing to Anne. Back in the present, Douglas drops his phone in the water while fishing with Bud, and is consequently agitated. Elaine meanwhile asks Nash “why didn’t you tell me Garcetti was offering you the golden parachute, and that I was the parachute?” She tells Elaine that, she didn’t want to get Elaine’s hopes up, as she would jump at the idea of a seat in the Supreme Court.

Nash also tells Elaine that she can see Garcetti is trying to play the both of them against each other. Nash then tells Elaine to think for a moment what she could accomplish, with a seat in the Supreme Court. Elaine in turns asks her to think what all she could accomplish as a president. She then asks Nash, if she would really want a president who would force someone like her off the bench. Nash in turn tells Elaine “Garcetti might be a bastard, but he let you do your thing”. She also tells Elaine “if you challenge the sitting president, voters will see your motives as selfish”. Elaine tells Nash she doesn’t care how it looks, and is doing it because she thinks its right. Nash in the end tells Elaine to take her seat, so she can spend the rest of her life telling presidents what they can and cannot do.

Susan meanwhile tells her editor that, she told Elaine about the leak. She tells him that she wanted to give Elaine time to out-maneuver Garcetti. She then tells him how she has received information from someone within the Hammond family that, Elaine is planning to run for the president. She also tells him that she is sure; Elaine won’t take the spot in the Supreme Court. Douglas meanwhile flashes back to the morning after the party, during Elaine’s campaign. He then puts on the TV and sees Bud shoot off his mouth again during an interview. He later reprimands Bud for it. Bud in turn blames Douglas for not showing up, to prep him for the interview. Back in the present, Douglas leaves to find Thomas, when Bud tells him that he doesn’t know where Thomas is.

Meanwhile Margaret tells Elaine who is already very worried that, she running for president again would once again turn everything upside down in the Hammond household, hence she isn’t too crazy about Elaine running for president. She then tells Elaine that, Elaine would be miserable if she didn’t go ahead with the campaign, and “if you are miserable we are all miserable”. Hence she tells Elaine to go for it. Douglas meanwhile is livid on finding Thomas doing drugs on the sly, despite him having promised that he wouldn’t. Later Douglas loses it with Bud and in tears tells him that it isn’t his fault that Elaine lost the elections, and also that it was Bud who lost her the elections. Bud in turn tells him “I know I did” and calms Douglas down.

Meanwhile, Susan and Alex her editor, are shown having sex. He then tells her to stay at his place, if she wants. She though turns down the offer. She then asks him as to why he cheated on her with Georgia. He tells her he did so because; they were drifting apart, because she loved her work more than she loved him. Elaine meanwhile tells Diane Nash that she doesn’t want to be on the Supreme Court, but instead wants to run for the president again. She then tells Nash that, she can’t turn away “because it will piss people off”. She tells Nash that she has to stand by her convictions. Nash in the end says “you better win Elaine”. The poll expert meanwhile has crunched his numbers, and tells Douglas that Elaine can win. Bud is informed by him that voters only like Elaine without him, as voters feel that he makes her look weak.

The expert then tells Douglas, how it was Bud who cushioned Elaine’s loss, rather than Elaine losing the elections being his fault. Douglas is shocked to hear this. Later, Bud tells Douglas, how Douglas should go about the campaign, now that he is out. Elaine meanwhile thanks Susan for sticking her neck out for her. She also tells Susan that she is looking forward to spending more time with her. Douglas meanwhile texts Susan saying “need to meet…..” He later tells her, to not run the story about Elaine planning to run for president. She in turn tells him to relax, assuring her that she wouldn’t, till Elaine officially announces it herself. She then tells Douglas that, she will sit on the story in return for him giving her all the details about his mother’s plans. The episode ends at this point.