Lost Boys - Recap

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The episode begins at Elaine’s house in the December of last year. They are all outraged by the kind of statements made on television by a man named Sean Reeves, who is a Senator. Later it is shown that TJ is sleeping with Sean. While at TJ’s home, Sean receives a call from his wife. He doesn’t pick up the call, and instead tells TJ that he loves him. The two, then end up making out with each other. Back in the present, TJ is shown telling a group of people how he was the happiest, last December, and how he was clean for about 6 months then. He then tells them how everything “fell by the wayside” and how he ultimately got addicted to coke, and has been an addict since. Douglas meanwhile is at Susan’s house.

She interviews him about his mother’s run for the White House. He tells Susan how Garcetti is making Elaine travel all over the world, in order to keep her from campaigning. He then tells her, how he at last managed to schedule a meeting with a list of donors for Elaine’s campaign. Bud meanwhile is shown sleeping with his publicist, who is telling him how he should behave, so he doesn’t screw up Elaine’s campaign. She recommends that Bud not go to TJ’s club opening. But Douglas is shown telling Susan that Bud would surely come to the opening. Later in a cabinet meeting Elaine along with the VP and the President are informed how a Chinese nuclear sub with a crew of about 100 has sunk near the cost of San Diego. Hence there is risk of radiation. Elaine decides that the Chinese have to be told about this, as the distress signal from the sub might not be reaching the Chinese.

The VP though feels otherwise. Elaine is outraged, as the men in the sub might slowly be dying of radiation. President Garcetti though agrees with Elaine, as he feels informing the Chinese about the fiasco might help improve relations between America and China. He then asks Elaine to take a lead on it, but tread cautiously. Later Elaine and Margaret are introduced to Gunner, who is there to help keep TJ straight (regarding his drug issue). Later, Elaine pays the Chinese Secretary of State a visit, and informs him about the nuclear sub. He in turn tells Elaine that, he can’t do anything, as it would expose the incompetence of the Chinese Navy to the American media and consequently to the Chinese people.

Elaine is outraged to hear this. He then tells her “you must let sleeping dogs lie”, and shows her the way out. TJ meanwhile thinks about the past, and how Elaine after coming to know about his affair with Sean, confronted him. She tells him that Sean is married, and he in turn tells her that he admits it was a mistake, but he likes Sean. She then tells TJ to stop seeing Sean, as otherwise the press will have a field about it. TJ protests, and tells her that he loves Sean, and that Sean makes him feel like a different person. Elaine though feels like Sean is just taking advantage of TJ. Back in the present TJ runs in to Sean, while he is thinking about the whole incident. The two then exchange pleasantries and part ways.

TJ though seems visibly moved by the meeting. Elaine meanwhile tells Garcetti “we can rescue them ourselves”, regarding the people stuck in the sub. The VP meanwhile tells her to stop giving a morality talk, when she herself is planning to unseat the government. Elaine though explains to Garcetti that its “idle chatter” and nothing more. Garcetti in turn tells her that, if the Chinese don’t care about their own men, they too should let it go. Douglas’s fiancé meanwhile lets it slip to Georgia that, Elaine is planning to run for President. She later tells Douglas about the fiasco. Douglas though calms her down and tells her he will take care of it. Douglas later tells Susan, how Georgia got Annie to spill the beans, about his mother’s run for the White House. He then tells Susan to stop it “or we are both screwed”.

Bud meanwhile asks Elaine about her meeting with the Chinese Secretary of State. Bud then correctly assumes what might have happened. She then gives him the details about the fiasco. Bud then asks Elaine to use this as an issue for her campaign and leave Garcetti. Elaine though emphatically tells him, how the situation is classified. Bud in turn tells her that there are many ways this news could leak out, Elaine though strictly advises him against it. Georgia meanwhile agrees to hold off on her latest scoop, only if she can share credit with Susan 50/50, when Susan runs the story. TJ meanwhile tells his family, how he feels the nightclub, is the beginning of a whole new chapter in his life. Bud though voices his lack of confidence that he has, in TJ going it straight.

TJ retorts “with this club I finally have something that is mine”. Gunner then stands up for TJ and reveals how important people are showing up for TJ’s opening night. He during the conversation also reveals how Sean is also showing up. Elaine is visibly outraged on hearing this. She then reminds TJ how Sean abandoned him for his wife, at a time when he needed Sean the most. Elaine then tells TJ that, she isn’t coming for the opening. TJ then leaves for the opening with tears in his eyes. TJ later arrives at the opening, and flashes back to the time when the media revealed about his affair with Sean, and how badly Sean took it. Sean is then shown telling TJ, he isn’t like him and has a life and a career. He is then walks out on a visibly hurt TJ.

Back in the present, TJ is handed some coke by one of his friends at the club. Douglas meanwhile talks Susan into sharing credit with Georgia, so they can keep a lid on Elaine’s intentions of running for the president, at least for the time being. Elaine meanwhile meets Garcetti in private and tells him “I am running against you”. She then tells him “I will resign in 48 hours, after we have saved those men”. Garcetti agrees to her proposition, but also reminds her that, he has the advantage, as far as the presidential campaign is concerned. She though tells him that, she would love a good fight. Bud meanwhile fires his publicist and decides to go to TJ’s club opening. Gunner meanwhile is outraged to find TJ doing drugs, inside the club. Gunner then tries to stop him, but TJ gets violent, and asks him to stay away.

TJ eventually manages to convince Gunner to do some drugs too. Susan meanwhile tells Georgia that she is ready to give in to her blackmail, but also that Georgia is wrong in doing what she is doing. Bud meanwhile arrives at TJ’s club. Inside the club, Bud finds Gunner and asks him where TJ is. He is then shocked to find that Gunner is completely high, and is hence unable to answer him. He then in panic tells his men to search for TJ. Bud is then mortified to find TJ lying unconscious on the floor of his nightclub. He then instructs that an ambulance be called. The episode ends at this point.