Port Charles

Season 16

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Season 16

1568 :16x01 - 07.07.03 - The Gift [Premiere]

Ian is pleased to find out that synthetic blood could be possible. Jamal finds himself involved in a bank robbery.

1570 :16x03 - The Gift, Episode 3

Kevin admits that he has filed a complaint against Ian out of spite. Alison is worried that Rafe might be upset with her.

1571 :16x04 - The Gift, Episode 4

Rafe informs Alison that seeing her with Caleb really upset him. Jamal makes a strange wish. Kevin tells Lucy that he needs to put things right.

1573 :16x06 - The Gift, Episode 6

Alison is asked to end things with Rafe. Chris invites Elizabeth out for a drink. Kevin urges his daughter to let go of her anger.

1576 :16x09 - The Gift, Episode 9

Alison's behavior surprises Rafe. Frank tells Victor that he blames himself for Karen's death. Jamal admits to Imani that he is a vampire.

1580 :16x13 - The Gift, Episode 13

Lucy signs the divorce papers. Chris pretends to be George.

1581 :16x14 - The Gift, Episode 14

Jamal agrees to give the ring to Caleb. Kevin talks to Ian about life as a vampire.

1582 :16x15 - The Gift, Episode 15

Alison issues Rafe with an ultimatum. Jamal demands that Jack gives the ring back to Caleb. Reese attempts to comfort Ricky.

1583 :16x16 - The Gift, Episode 16

Jack denies that he has Caleb's ring. Ian feels bad about what Lucy is giving up to be with him. Elizabeth is furious with Chris for impersonating George.

1584 :16x17 - The Gift, Episode 17

Calebgoes to see his father in hell/ Alison admits she is impressed by "George's" designs. Jamal offers to help Imani.

1585 :16x18 - The Gift, Episode 18

Lucy can not understand the strange feelings she has been having recently. Ian wants to develop a formula to make himself mortal again.

1586 :16x19 - The Gift, Episode 19

Christina discovers Caleb's ring by the riverbank. Rafe is able to convince Alison that he must stop Caleb.

1587 :16x20 - The Gift, Episode 20

Christina keeps quiet about finding the ring. Kevin and Lucy share a surprise kiss. Chris manages to make a breakthrough in his research.

1588 :16x21 - The Gift, Episode 21

Alison manages to annoy Reese and the other band members. A picture id taken of Caleb and Alison in a compromising position.

1589 :16x22 - The Gift, Episode 22

Caleb and Alison's picture ends up in the newspaper. Lucy admits to Ian that she kissed Kevin. Christina makes a wish.

1590 :16x23 - The Gift, Episode 23

Everybody gets ready for the fashion show. Caleb makes plans to use his music to draw out the person with the ring. Kevin and Lucy decide to allow Christina attend the fashion show.

1591 :16x24 - The Gift, Episode 24

The fashion show starts. Livvie pays off a man to carry out her plan.

1592 :16x25 - The Gift, Episode 25

Livvie is shocked to learn that Kevin fell victim to her plan. Kevin is rushed to the hospital.

1593 :16x26 - The Gift, Episode 26

Alison thinks that Rafe's war with Caleb is over. Livvie admits to Caleb that she caused her father's accident.

1594 :16x27 - The Gift, Episode 27

Lucy wants Kevin to move in with her. Livvie goes to see Kevin.

1596 :16x29 - The Gift, Episode 29

Livvie wants Rafe and Alison to leave Port Charles. Imani attempts to cheer up Jamal after Ricky steals his motorcycle. Caleb gives Alison his ring.

1597 :16x30 - The Gift, Episode 30

Rafe and Jamal need Jack's help. Chris agrees to help Elizabeth and she comes up with the idea that she and Chris pretend to be involved.

1598 :16x31 - The Gift, Episode 31

Jack assures Jamal that he is over Livvie. Livvie and Imani agree to keep the bite a secret.

1599 :16x32 - The Gift, Episode 32

Caleb is upset over losing Alison's friendship. Jack and Rafe are involved in a confrontation. Imani gets a mysterious phone call.

1600 :16x33 - The Gift, Episode 33

Rafe shares with Alison about his plan to get the ring away from Caleb. Jack continues to try and get Livvie to trust him.

1601 :16x34 - The Gift, Episode 34

Caleb is upset following his encounter with Rafe and Alison. Kevin is warned not to take his anger out on Lucy.

1602 :16x35 - The Gift, Episode 35

Alison is able to convince Caleb not to kill a hidden photographer. Jamal is warned to stay away from Imani.

1604 :16x37 - The Gift, Episode 37

Alison leaves the charm from her bracelet for Livvie to discover. Kevin admits how upset he is about seeing Lucy with Ian.

1605 :16x38 - The Gift, Episode 38

Rafe manages to sneak into Caleb's apartment to look for Alison's charm. Imani moves in with Jamal.

1606 :16x39 - The Gift, Episode 39

Livvie finds Alison and Caleb together and switches Caleb's ring with a fake one.

1607 :16x40 - The Gift, Episode 40

Livvie feels guilty about the ring after Caleb expresses his feeling for her. Alison is scared after Rafe disappears. Jamal becomes determined to learn what Imani is hiding.

1609 :16x41 - The Gift, Episode 41

Alison attempts to convince Caleb to use his ring to bring Rafe back from hell. Jamal looks into Imani's past; Ian wants to test Chris' drug.

1610 :16x42 - The Gift, Episode 42

Caleb refuses to admit that he has developed a conscience. Livvie fantasizes about using the ring to destroy Alison. Rafe wakes up and finds himself in hell.

1611 :16x43 - The Gift, Episode 43

Alison grabs Caleb's ring hand and wishes for Rafe to return home safely. Livvie pays Kevin a visit. Lucy works out that Ian has been injected with the experimental drug.

1612 :16x44 - The Gift, Episode 44

Caleb works out that Livvie replaced his ring with a fake one. Rafe is warned that he will never escape from hell. Imani denies having murdereed her professor.

1613 :16x45 - The Gift, Episode 45

Livvie wishes for a night of passion on Caleb's behalf and is left feeling concerned after he doesn't come home. Jack does not understand why he is drawn to Livvie.

1617 :16x49 - The Gift, Episode 49

Alison is blindfolded and taken to the barn by Rafe. Caleb fires Ricky and everybody else as well. Jack is unable to resist Livvie's charms.

1618 :16x50 - The Gift, Episode 50

Caleb informs Alison he cannot use his ring to change the what happened. Rafe realizes that the barn could hold some bad memories for Alison. Livvie hears a confession from Jack.

1619 :16x51 - The Gift, Episode 51

Livvie attempts to seduce Caleb. Ian wants to continue his work on the serum. Jamal discovers Imani's grandmother.

1620 :16x52 - The Gift, Episode 52

Alison continues to feel upset about her night she spent with Caleb. Imani's grandmother does not trust Rafe. Reese wants Ricky to go to Europe with her.

1621 :16x53 - The Gift, Episode 53

Caleb is haunted by some old memories. Kevin attempts to console Lucy. Casey attempts to convince Ricky to let her go.

1622 :16x54 - The Gift, Episode 54

Caleb is able to get Livvie to agree to return home with him. Rafe and Alison talk to a minister.

1623 :16x55 - The Gift, Episode 55

Caleb attempts to assure Livvie that he has forgiven her. Jack sees Caleb's lyrics as a threat to Livvie.

1624 :16x56 - The Gift, Episode 56

Lucy attempts to support Rafe's decision to give up his life as a vampire slayer. Livvie dismisses Jack's notion that Caleb is going to hurt her. Elizabeth realizes that she is beginning to develop feelings for Chris.

1625 :16x57 - The Gift, Episode 57

Livvie confronts Caleb. Rafe and Alison look forward to the future. Imani accidentally manages to scratch Jamal.

1626 :16x58 - The Gift, Episode 58

Alison and Livvie have no choice but to share a dressing room as they shop for wedding dresses .Ian is amused after Elizabeth shows up at the cabin. Kevin manages to take a few steps.

1627 :16x59 - The Gift, Episode 59

Alison and Rafe are offered a reservation at an exclusive retreat by a stranger. Madea warns Imani. Elizabeth manages to accidentally destroys Ian's blood supply.

1628 :16x60 - The Gift, Episode 60

Caleb bites Livvie. Jack decides to lead the sheriff on a wild-goose chase.

1629 :16x61 - The Gift, Episode 61

Ian is furious with Elizabeth for turning him into a vampire. Chris and Lucy go to the cabin. Jamal and Jack decide to confront the sheriff.

1630 :16x62 - The Gift, Episode 62

Caleb informs Livvie that they are getting married at a bed-and-breakfast. Rafe feels like something bad is about to happen. Ian thinks that Christina is in danger.

1631 :16x63 - The Gift, Episode 63

Caleb secretly watches Alison. Lucy is able to convince Ian that being a vampire is not always a curse. Jamal quizzes Imani about Livvie's bite.

1632 :16x64 - The Gift, The Final Episode

Rafe and Alison are finally married as their family and friends watch. Caleb and Livvie get married as well but without anybody there. Jamal discovers that Imani is a werewolf.