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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Ten Minutes of Eternity

Jorge Alquiero hires Primus for a dangerous underwater job. Primus dives after an oceanographer stranded on the ocean floor. But the assignment is hindered by a Benton's plan to steal his sophisticated equipment to look for a treasure. Primus is retained for a dangerous underwater operation involving explosives. When one diver is injured. Primus devises a robot to complete the assignment with disastrous results.
Guest Stars: Henry Darrow as Jorge Alquiero | Mike Road as Dr. Pemberton | Dan Chandler (2) as Bill Bolton | Anna Ivara as Alice | Chris Robinson (1) as George Benton
Director: John Florea
Writer: Mark Rodgers

2 :01x02 - Deepest of the Deep

Danger from underwater explosives, a robot and a sunken liner. Nicola, a photographic model and a woman's-lib advocate, is determined to attempt a dangerous dive. Nicola steals an untested underwater breathing device that has been altered and is lethal if used.
Guest Stars: Chris Robinson (1) as George | Henry Darrow as Jorge | Susan Oliver (1) as Nicola
Writer: Mark Rodgers

3 :01x03 - Trial and Terror

While studying ocean life off the island of Mangaya, Primus is precipitated into the quicksands of political intrigue. While investigating the disappearance of all fish life off the island of Mangaya Primus becomes involved with the kidnapping of an American Ambassador.
Guest Stars: William Marshall as Prime Minister Melina | Frank Logan as Morros | Bill Williams (1) as Ambassador Fremont
Director: Ricou Browning
Writer: Art Arthur

4 :01x04 - Kiss of Life

A deep sea scientist is stung by a scorpion fish to which he is highly allergic and becomes incapacitated on the depths of the ocean floor.
Guest Stars: Gordon Cooper as Gerald | Susan Oliver (1) as Nicola | Henry Darrow as Elliot Jensen
Director: John Florea
Story: Ivan Tors

5 :01x05 - Underwater Getaway

Routine bank robbers plot with a new twist: the getaway is planned on a submarine. A former employee of Primus pulls a bank robbery then tries to steal his submarine.
Guest Stars: James Wainwright as Jake | Wayne Crawford as Nick | George De Vries as Kenton

6 :01x06 - The Phantom Horse

An underwater narcotics operation is the bugaboo for Carter. Primus must break-up this narcotics
organizations' underwater refining and delivering of heroin.
Guest Stars: Joan Murphy as Christina Parker | John McLaughlin as Kober | Joseph Hecht as Inspector | Ben Rossi as Loudon
Writer: Mark Rodgers

7 :01x07 - Bearer of Light

Sunken canisters of deadly phosphorus provide the suspense in this adventure. The canisters are carried by currents from a sunken barge.
Guest Stars: Phil Philbin as Wallace | Mart Hulswit as Jim North

8 :01x08 - Oil Rig

The drama in this episode is provided by an inferno of an offshore drilling rig. An electrical storm causes a gigantic explosion aboard the rig. When the off-shore oil-drilling platform catches on fire, Carter tries to rescue a trapped friend.
Guest Stars: Bibi Besch as Unknown

9 :01x09 - Pipeline to Danger

Undersea sabotage is the problem faced by Carter. Primus investigates when oil piped from a tiny Arabian nation mysteriously disappears before it reaches its destination.
Guest Stars: Keene Curtis as E. Wayne Garnett | Ric Applewhite as Aly | Allan Grant as Defense Attorney

10 :01x11 - Breaking Point

An astronaut (Guy Stockwell) goes berserk in an underwater test chamber. Three astronauts spend 60 days in an undersea habitat and begin to show signs of stress.
Guest Stars: Jerry Mann as Bob Miller | Guy Stockwell as Astronaut Marshall Grant | Chip Greer as Ray Walter | Bruce McLaughlin as Dr. Barton

11 :01x11 - The 65th Minute

New York City becomes a target for destruction when a foreign submarine is threatening to attack the coast. Primus is required to save the world when a rogue Soviet nuclear submarine commander threatens to launch his missiles at the United States.
Guest Stars: Michael Kermoyan as Malin | William Prince as Admiral | Paul Hubschmid as Captain
Writer: Mark Rodgers

12 :01x12 - Blade of Fire

A case of the bends strikes a diver scientist. To aid the son of a Greek shipping magnate trapped in the wreck of a sunken World War II vessel, Primus swims to the rescue with on underwater torch, only to discover the man plans to use it in a robbery.
Guest Stars: Sam Coppola as Mike Randall | Ted Swanson as Ed Wallace

13 :01x13 - Tektite #1

Drama involving an impending hurricane. While training dry land miners to dig on the ocean Primus discovers that two miners searching for ore samples are missing.
Guest Stars: Augie Brown as Adams | William Marquez as Flores | Erik Ashton as Barrett

14 :01x14 - 49 Sharks

Sharks trap Toni and Charlie in a diving cage. Toni and Charlie are trapped In a shark cage which drops to depths beyond which divers should go and Primus attempts their rescue amid a school of frenzied sharks.
Guest Stars: Larry King as Himself

15 :01x15 - The Sea is Boiling Hot

An erupting volcano endangers an underwater archaeological expedition.
Guest Stars: Monroe Myers as Roberto Bellini | Dick Sterling as Newscaster | Neil Patrick as Pilot

16 :01x16 - Death Tide

At first it looks like a simple youthful prank when Primus captures three college students while stealing Primus’ portable sub the Shark Hunter. But the students hide a more serious purpose in mind: to lock themselves to the waste pipe of a nearby chemical plant. Will Primus help save the kids, or will he help them save the environment?
Guest Stars: Brooke Bundy as Jan | Luke Halpin as Greg | Al Burton as Steve

17 :01x17 - Sea Serpent

Carter Primus investigates a report of a 20-foot sea monster. Primus oversees the hunt for a sea serpent. Carter Primus investigates a report 20-foot sea monster which turns out to be an anaconda that was washed overboard en route from Brazil.
Guest Stars: Adam West as Jenson | Paul Robertson as Dr. Johnson | Dr. W.E. Haast as Himself

18 :01x18 - The Sniper

In this episode, Primus is dogged by a sniper. Primus helps a community whose important economic resource, a phosphate plant, is also its greatest liability, the most deadly cause of polution, killing all fish in the town's river.
Guest Stars: Ralph Meeker as Sheriff | Jeff Gillan as The sniper

19 :01x19 - The Steel Fish

Primus unravels a mystery involving the disappearance of an experimental torpedo. Carter Primus is called to recover a live experimental torpedo which has sunk to the bottom of the ocean off the west coast of Cuba.
Guest Stars: Charles G. Martin as Admiral Dayton | Victor Junguera as Papa
Director: John Florea

20 :01x20 - Black Diamonds

Primus must locate a plane that crashed into the sea with a payload of diamonds. A plane crashes into the ocean with a payload of $7,000,000 worth of industrial diamonds. Insurance investigator Derek Simpson (Lloyd Bochner) commissions Carter Primus (Robert Brown) to locate the wreckage. He finds it, but so does an unidentified submarine, which attacks Primus at the underwater site.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Derek Simpson | William Kerwin as Captain
Writer: Mark Rodgers

21 :01x21 - Infrared

Foiling a museum heist leads Primus on an underwater chase. Primus is commissioned to guard a museum filled with priceless treasures. The museum is located near the sea and while Primus and his assistant attempt to install infrared devices underwater, they are trapped by a steel net..
Guest Stars: Aspa Nakapoulou as Isabel Ramirez | Charles Sheldon as Captain Gaitan

22 :01x22 - Nuclear Black Market

The police chases a gang involved in the plutonium black market. Primus replaces one of the gang members, a Navy diver, after the guy is washed away dead on the beach.
Guest Stars: Nico Minardos as Jelal Zara | Rayford Barnes as Lin Nordgren | Rex Richards as Alex
Writer: Mark Rodgers

23 :01x23 - The Black Hole

A whirlpool turns into a danger factor for Primus and other divers. Carter Primus hires professional skin divers to locate a boat which disappeared mysteriously. A whirl pool sucks them into an underwater cave. Searching for the divers, Primus and Tom Hayden fall into the whirlpool.
Guest Stars: Arthur Franz as McKeldy | Frank Schuller as Redman

24 :01x24 - Trapped, Part One

While Primus and Toni train three divers, one receives a gash from the sunken wreckage they're exploring and a school of 200 sharks is attracted by the blood! A school of sharks attacks a wounded diver trainee.
Guest Stars: Michael Phillips (2) as Kevin Brown | Chris Banks (1) as Alan Sawyer

25 :01x25 - Trapped, Part Two

Drama about efforts to save the diver trapped by sharks. In this concluding episode a school of sharks surrounds a diving mission led by Primus and injures one diver. While Primus surfaces for medical aid and fresh air supply, the divers seek refuge in a sunken wreckage.
Guest Stars: Michael Phillips (2) as Kevin Brown | Chris Banks (1) as Alan Sawyer

26 :01x26 - The Net

A man stricken with nitrogen narcosis disappears into a shapeless eerie ocean mass. Primus swims to investigate. Bill Bolton, an ex-frogman(Dan Chandler) is dying in an underwater habitat. The only doctor who can perform a tracheotomy to save him, has never made a descent. Carter Primus (Robert Brown) and Charlie Kingman (Will Kuluva) guide the doctor (Mike Road) 320 feet undersea, but the doctor develops nitrogen narcosis and Primus must perform the tracheotomy himself.
Guest Stars: Dan Chandler (2) as Bill Bolton | Mike Road as Dr. Pemberton
Director: John Florea
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 1971
Ended: August, 1972
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