Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Oscar W. Underwood Story

This premiere episode deals with the story of Alabama Senator Oscar W. Underwood, whose opposition to Prohibition and the Ku Klux Klan cost him the Democratic presidential nomination in 1924 and later his Senate seat.
Guest Stars: Sidney Blackmer as Oscar W. Underwood | Victor Jory as Charles Carlin | Woodrow Parfrey as Governor Brandon | Tol Avery as William Jennings Bryan
Writer: David Karp

2 :01x02 - The Mary S. McDowell Story

Mary McDowell, a teacher with strong religious convictions, refuses to sign a loyalty oath during World War I and loses her position because of this.
Guest Stars: Rosemary Harris as Mary S. McDowell | Albert Salmi as Schneider | Audrey Christie as Mrs. McDowall | Rae Allen as Miss Darvon | George Mitchell as Broomell | Woodrow Parfrey as Ralston | Katherine Squire as Mrs. Simpson | Frances Sternhagen as Miss Koeller | Ralph Williams as Fred Simpson | Jason Wingreen as Reporter
Director: Jose Quintero

3 :01x03 - Thomas Hart Benton

In 1849, Democrat Senator Thomas Hart Benton turns against his party to oppose the expansion of slavery into Missouri.
Guest Stars: Brian Keith as Thomas Hart Benton | Carl Benton Reid as John C. Calhoun | Meg Wyllie as Eliza | Russell Collins as Foote | Lamont Johnson (2) as Fremont | Geraldine McEwan as Jesse | Jason Wingreen as Hanson
Writer: A.J. Russell

4 :01x04 - Richard T. Ely

Richard Ely, fired for teaching socialist ideas at the University of Wisconsin, successfully sues to get his job back and thus sets the stage for generations of radical moonbat professors.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Burr Jones | Dan O'Herlihy as Richard T. Ely | Karl Swenson as Chynoweth | Ford Rainey as Bird | Marsha Hunt as Mrs. Ely | Edward Asner as Oliver E. Wells | Christopher Riordan as Soldier

5 :01x05 - Sam Houston

Texas statesman Sam Houston fights to keep his state in the Union upon the outbreak of the Civil War.
Guest Stars: J.D. Cannon as Sam Houston | Warren Stevens as Edward Clark | Peggy McCay as Margaret | Slim Pickens as Rogers | Noah Keen as Throckmorton | John Hoyt as Doc
Writer: A.J. Russell

6 :01x06 - Governor John M. Slaton

Georgia governor John M. Slaton becomes the target of violent threats when he commutes the death sentence of Jewish convicted murderer Leo Frank in 1915.
Guest Stars: Walter Matthau as John M. Slaton | Whit Bissell as Myles | Michael Constantine as Watson | Alan Baxter as Traine | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Sally | Frank Marth as Grant | Anthony Costello as Burley

7 :01x07 - John Adams

Boston lawyer (and future President) John Adams risks his law practice and political future when he agrees to defend British troops who participated in the Boston Massacre in 1770.
Guest Stars: David McCallum as John Adams | Torin Thatcher as Sewall | Andrew Prine as Josiah Quincy | Gene Lyons as Samuel Adams | Paul Comi as Samuel Quincy | Russell Collins as Adams Sr. | Phyllis Love as Abigail Adams | Jeff Cooper (1) as Killroy
Director: Robert Stevens

8 :01x08 - Robert A. Taft

Senator Robert A. Taft, a leader in the Republican Party, criticizes the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials as illegal examples of ex post facto laws. This stance may have cost him his party's nomination for President in 1948 and 1952.
Guest Stars: Lee Tracy as Robert A. Taft | Louise Lorimer as Martha Taft | David Opatoshu as Goldman | Loring Smith as Jensen | Sue Randall as Joan | George Furth as guest star

9 :01x09 - Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson takes a stand against bigotry and religious intolerance in Puritan New England.
Guest Stars: Wendy Hiller as Anne Hutchinson | Donald Harron as Cotton | Michael Pate as Wilson | Neil Hamilton (1) as Governor Winthrop | Rhys Williams as Hutchinson
Director: Cyril Ritchard

10 :01x10 - Gen. Alexander William Doniphan

General Alexander W. Doniphan defies direct orders to execute Mormon religious leader Joseph Smith in 1838 Missouri.
Guest Stars: Peter Lawford as General Doniphan | George Lindsey as Black | Robert Emhardt as Governor Boggs | Simon Oakland as Captain Bogart | James T. Callahan as Barnes | Tim O'Connor as Rigdon | Paul Stevens as Joseph Smith

11 :01x11 - John Peter Altgeld

Illinois governor John Peter Altgeld sees his political career in tatters after pardoning three men involved in the notorious Haymarket Massacre.
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as John Peter Altgeld | John Kerr (1) as Whitlock | Howard St. John as Hinrichson | Milton Selzer as Schilling | John Cassavetes as Parsons | Roy Barcroft as Judge
Director: Daniel Petrie

12 :01x12 - Frederick Douglass

Fugitive slave Frederick Douglass risks his freedom to speak out against the evils of slavery during the days before the Civil War.
Guest Stars: Frederick O'Neal as Haines | Robert Hooks as Frederick Douglass | Harry Townes as Coffin | Alfred Ryder as William Lloyd Garrison | Claudia McNeil as Mrs. Haines
Director: Sherman Marks

13 :01x13 - Daniel Webster

The story of famed Senate orator Daniel Webster and his role in the Compromise of 1850 which saved the Union (albeit for only a decade).
Guest Stars: Martin Gabel as Daniel Webster | Martine Bartlett as Caroline | Robert F. Simon as Henry Clay | Sandy Kenyon as guest star | Carl Benton Reid as John C. Calhoun
Director: Robert Crist
Writer: A.J. Russell

14 :01x14 - Woodrow Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson alienates many when he nominates the Jewish Louis Brandeis to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court.
Guest Stars: Whit Bissell as Woodrow Wilson | John Hoyt as guest star | Philip Ober as guest star | Paul Stewart (1) as guest star
Writer: David Karp

15 :01x15 - Prudence Crandall

The story of educator Prudence Crandall who founded a school for young women of color in 1833 Connecticut.
Guest Stars: Janice Rule as Prudence Crandall | John Ericson as guest star | Ken Lynch as guest star | King Donovan as guest star | Gloria Calomee as guest star

16 :01x16 - Andrew Johnson

Tennessee's Andrew Johnson becomes the only Southern senator to support his state remaining with the Union during the Civil War
Guest Stars: Walter Matthau as Andrew Johnson | Alfred Ryder as guest star | Conlan Carter as guest star | Paul Fix as guest star | John Abbott (1) as guest star | Joan Tompkins as guest star | I. Stanford Jolley as guest star

17 :01x17 - Hamilton Fish

The story of Hamilton Fish, who held numerous important government positions in post-Civil War politics.
Guest Stars: Henry Jones (1) as guest star | Peter Mark Richman as guest star | Robert Emhardt as guest star | Frank Silvera as guest star | Edward Asner as guest star

18 :01x18 - Charles Evans Hughes

The story of Charles Evans Hughes, who ran unsuccessfully for president in 1916, and later became Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court where he opposed many of FDR's New Deal policies.
Guest Stars: Kent Smith as Charles Evans Hughes | Harry Bellaver as guest star | Strother Martin as guest star | Kevin Hagen as guest star
Writer: David Karp

19 :01x19 - Edmund G. Ross

The political career of Kansas senator Edmund G. Ross is finished when he casts the deciding vote against removing President Andrew Johnson from office in 1869.
Guest Stars: Bradford Dillman as Edmund G. Ross | Simon Oakland as Fuller | Cyril Delevanti as guest star | Barry Morse as guest star | Herschel Bernardi as guest star | James Westerfield as guest star
Director: Gerald Mayer

20 :01x20 - George W. Norris

Nebraska senator George W. Norris votes against declaring war on Germany in 1917.
Guest Stars: Tom Bosley as guest star | Torin Thatcher as guest star | George Mitchell as guest star | Peter Whitney as guest star | Herb Voland as guest star | Peter Hobbs as guest star | Dan Tobin as guest star

21 :01x21 - Grover Cleveland

President Grover Cleveland loses re-election mainly because of his veto of a benefits bill for Civil War veterans which he thought was fiscally irresponsible.
Guest Stars: Carroll O'Connor as Grover Cleveland | Barbara Feldon as Frances Cleveland | George Macready as guest star | Paul Lambert as guest star

22 :01x22 - John Quincy Adams

Massachusetts Congressman (and former President) John Quincy Adams takes the case of a group of captured African slaves who are legally seeking their freedom and return to their homeland.
Guest Stars: Douglas Campbell as guest star | Nancy Wickwire as guest star | Laurence Naismith as guest star | Parley Baer as guest star | Alan Hewitt as guest star | Roland Winters as guest star
Director: Michael Ritchie

23 :01x23 - John Marshall

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall finds his handling of Aaron Burr's treason trial in 1807 under fire from the Jefferson Administration.
Guest Stars: Gary Merrill as John Marshall | Booth Colman as guest star | Murray Matheson as guest star | Christopher Dark as guest star
Writer: David Karp

24 :01x24 - Judge Ben B. Lindsey

A Colorado judge leads the fight against civic corruption and for the establishment of a juvenile court in Denver.
Guest Stars: George Grizzard as Benjamin B. Lindsey | David Brian as guest star | Edith Atwater as guest star | John Crawford as guest star | Joseph Ruskin as guest star

25 :01x25 - George Mason

Founding Father George Mason refuses to support the U.S. Constitution unless it includes a Bill of Rights.
Guest Stars: Laurence Naismith as George Mason | Arthur Franz as James Madison | John Colicos as Patrick Henry | Wesley Addy as Hallinger | William Bakewell as George Wythe | John Graham (1) as Thomas Mathews | Donald Harron as John Randolph | John Raglin as Wheeler | Herb Voland as Peckham
Director: Joseph Anthony
Writer: A.J. Russell

26 :01x26 - Thomas Corwin

Ohio Senator Thomas Corwin opposes the entry of the United States into war with Mexico in 1847.
Guest Stars: John Colicos as guest star | Lester Rawlins as guest star | H.M. Wynant as guest star | George Rose as Thomas Corwin | John Howard (2) as guest star
Director: Michael Ritchie
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | History
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 06:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 08, 1964
Ended: May 09, 1965
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