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Be distrubed....be midly disturbed...


Since: December 29th, 2005
Timezone: Feb 12th, 2016, 7:56 pm
Level: 1 (33%)
Forum Posts: 166
Real Name: Zoƫ
Location: Dartford, GB
Occupation: Year 9 student...
Hobbies & Interests: The Internet 0-o, MSN, TV, reading, writing...playing guitar
Favorite Singers/Music Bands: Green Day, The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Kaiser Cheifs
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Ricky Ullman
Favorite Song: Hitchin' a Ride, A Little Less 16 Candles A little more "touch me", All The Small Things
Favorite Movies: Napoleon Dynamite
Favorite Movie Directors: Um...the perosn who Directed Napoleon Dynamite?
Favorite Books: Windsinger, The Little Prince...well, I have tons...
Favorite Authors: J,K, Rowling, Jaqueline Wilson, Jenny Nimmo, Lemony Sniket
Favorite Sport: Trampoling! o-0
Favorite Quote/Idiom/Sentence: "Two fun and frisky youths searching for an older wo/man to share. They enjoy body chocolate, closets, and the boots of cars"- Imo talking about our "Lonley Hearts" ad
MSN Contact: [email protected]
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