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  Thursday, December 29th 2005 8:09 pm  
» Robbie's riddle,joke,or lyics,or even site of the day!
Ok i am going to start something new each day. you will have to guess what the answer is for either a joke or riddle or even lyrics orrrrr even site of the day . i will do this daily. now today i picked a riddle. here it is:A king was very bored one day. He had all the riches in the world, controlled the largest empire in the world, but still wasn't satisfied. But then he came up with a brilliant plan. He drew a line in his brick floor and told the entire kingdom if they could make the line shorter without removing a brick or erasing the line that person could have control over a chunk of land and great riches. The only catch was if a person said they would make it shorter and didn't, that person would get executed.

One day a young lad named Fred came and said he would make the line shorter. The king laughed and told him to go for it. He did it, and the king gave him the land and the riches. How did he do it?


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