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  Sunday, February 19th 2006 11:59 am  
» My First Blog
Don't expect me for too much. TV.com is still my home, and I still can't believe I will go behind the enemies' lines so fast. Yep, some of my friends are here, but they are mostly on TV.com.

We'll see.

If you need me, you know where to find me &)

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Posted on Sunday, February 19th 2006 12:16 pm 
Hi Afenla. At least you came over here to see what's going on. See you over there.

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Posted on Sunday, February 19th 2006 6:48 pm 

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Posted on Monday, February 20th 2006 5:15 pm 
Hi Afenla. It never hurts to be prepared.
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Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd 2006 11:10 am 
Cali, I was here sevral times in the past. I never got excited from this site. I only checked whether my shows over "there" were plagariazed. They were :?

Hi Kimba!

You are right A&S. Never hurts.

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