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  Tuesday, December 6th 2005 2:04 am  
» Read what I posted about the new tv.com rules at tv.com
Thought about new rules and locked topics

I just realized that certain topics in the off-topic section get locked for no good reason, just because they didn't follow some archaic rules. From now on, if you ask someone a personal question and it ties into a quiz, if you post the results to that quiz, which also links to that website the topic will be locked. This was a discussion about movies and it was locked. You also can't have a simple list anymore. Now my tv show theme song game is locked. And thn, when a thread is locked it's wasted. This is why is was locked, and my answers to each of them.

Talk about something specific, rather then start a random/general/bored thread.
It was specific, it was tv show themes.
The best way to start a discussion is to actually discuss something specific in the first post, rather then present a yes/no or "versus"-type question.
Something is discussed inthe first post, I said post the lyrics to a theme, and I posted two that I knew.
Say more then "Yes," "No," a number, a simple list, or short single sentences.
OK, so some of the answers were single sentences, so what? They weren't spam! They were part of the discussion!
Take personal matters, games, polls, voting, copies of other sites' quiz answers, etc. to personal blogs.
I guess the game will have to be moved here now. Matter of fact, I bet the thread about my good fortune (see previous blog post) has been locked now too. That's why I posted a link to link the discussion over to here.
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Posted on Friday, December 9th 2005 2:55 am 
Yeah, I know what you mean, my posts got deleted because it was a single sentence and according to them, that was too short. So the next time I post, it will be like this:

Yes. I agree with you. You are absolutely right. You read my mind. I suppost you 101%.

I hope these will be long enough for them!!!!

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Posted on Sunday, December 11th 2005 9:28 am 
yeah tv.com is worse then me not being a pimp


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