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B-radG - Member of TvTome since October 18, 2004. B-radG - R.I.P. at Tv.com October 18, 2005. B-radG - Member of TvRage since December 9, 2005. Though my username is B-radG, these are the many other names I go by ... against my will - B RadG, Brad-G, bradg, BradG, Bradg, brad-g, ect. Pretty much any combination you can think of that contains a B, R, A, D, G and occassionally a - in it.

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B-radG's Blog -- posted on January 20, 2006
Wow, I honestly never pictured myself making a blog here, but just because I can ... I've decided to. There's nothing really important I have to say, I just thought I'd give my low down on the site from what I've observed over the past ... month and a half or so that I've been here.

Surprisingly, I like this site. Not as much as TvTome, only because I don't really have any type of reputation here, or at least not the same one I did at Tome. But, the site does in fact remind me quite a bit of the good ol' Tome days. It's very unfortunate I don't find too many people I knew back at Tome though, I mean people I talked with regularly. I mean I do see some people here that I use to talk to regularly, but most of them I've talked with regularly even after Tome was re-directed to Tv.com. When I say people I use to talk with at Tome, I mean people I don't see any more, that have basically vanished off the face of the internet world.

Now, as for what I've been doing for the site? Actually, not very much, which I find degrating on my part. I have 2 show guides, and 4 people guides, only a few of which I've been keeping up with. Maybe it's just because I've been busy this week with Exams at all, so I guess maybe now it will pick up the pace. I plan on working my way to get a more profound position. Not necessarily a Global Mod, or Editor position, but one of the Section 31 positions. (Though it wouldn't disappoint me if I were appointed to Global Mod or Editor either ;)) But to do that, I have to put a lot more effort into working on my guides than I recently have been.

Well, there's my first Blog here at TvRage, and most likely my last. If you've taken the time out of what ever you were currently doing to read this, I give you a pat on the back as it probably wasn't easy to sit and read that boring bit I just wrote. But, before I post this, I have one last thing to say. If you're on the list below, and not on my friends list here at TvRage, please contact me. The list is full of all my old TvTome friends, and I'd like to keep in touch with them. So if you could, contact me. Thanks.

AlphaWolf, Anthony R, BeastBoy3, CaNdY ShOp, Chessmaster, Cyber Ice, Digimonfan8, FanOfDegrassi, Force, Gatomon_14[Gemini Dream, Ghetto Kingpin, Gothic_Deathika, HMK, Invader MEL, Jammin Jake, Master Of My Domain, KingJohn23, Legoguy2001, ~*~Madi~*~, *Melody*, Mistykitty88, PhilSte, Revolver, Robinluver207, ~Robins Girl~, Serena Ebenair, SeymourFlux, ~Snowy~, ~*~Sweet~*~, Titanmaster46, Yada Yada.

Well ... that's err ... all ... <_< >_> ... Later TvRager people .... dudes ...

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